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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bits And Bobs And Corn Cobs


Today is a lovely blustery Autumn morning but not that cold for the end of September.

Jon and I were sitting at breakfast longing for when it will be properly Autumn - I can hear somebody saying "careful what you wish for".

These are the two other birthday gifts I hadn't got round to photographing.

Last week we had a really good week for eggs so made a quiche for Jon's lunches.

After last weekend being so hectic I have had a quiet-ish time this week, but the usual bread baking and cake making and managed to fit in a quick visit to my elderly neighbour - I haven't seen her since the boys went back to school. 

This morning I got the boys off and then vacuumed all downstairs and finished wiping down the kitchen shelves as still dusty after moving the boiler out and some other jobs over the weekend! Then I headed outside to the Poly House; temperature still good in there. 

A quick look round at the few things going on. The beans are growing very well but hope they live with the canes I put in at the beginning. 

My trays of sowing are coming through. These are the caulis, salad leaves and turnips. (I'm taking a punt on the last ones).

Other bits and pieces are spring onions I have growing which I think I'll pick soon. Realised a little too late that I have been mollycoddling them (sorry Dawn) and should just be growing them outside like leeks! 

I collected the eggs and anything else that was being offered up. 

You can see that I have the very last three corn cobs; they are really not the most fantastic but I grew them! I can boil them and use the kernels in something for tea tonight and the few we have had have been so delicious. This is how the bed looks now, it has been such a feature outside of the Poly House.

The girls are enjoying chowing down on some of the stems and have the others put to one side to drip feed to them. 

I have some work to so on the bed as this is going to be my brasicas bed! There are some big juicy worms in it so that is a bonus. 

Still taking up yummy turnips and the latest tomatoes plus a few to turn yet.

I have ordered some things from Thompson & Morgan using my gift vouchers and already I have received some seeds for Pak Choi and tomatoes called Capriccio which look a lovely shape and size for bottling so that is my plan for those next year.

I also bought some daff bulbs. I wanted to buy a couple of packets as I am sure I lost quite a few of the ones we had last Spring when we had the garden scraped down. I so loved being able to pick flowers straight from the garden.

These I got from Charlie's whilst asking, again, if they had their Christmas seed potatoes in yet! The answer was no last weeken - nearly out of time!

Right, I think I'm going to bake a ginger cake - first go at one of those but on Jon and the boys' list for new bakes. Oh, didn't some of the citrus meringue pies look yummy on the Bake Off last night? If the weather remains dry I think I'll try and forage another lot of balckberries for the freezer after lunch. I have the guest room to vacuum and bed to change so that is another job to be done before lunch.

Bye for now.



  1. I didn't even like corn until I grew it myself, it's amazing watching it develop for the first time isn't it. Ours is now half harvested, the remaining cobs in the net tunnel are coming in today. It's a good feeling to see all the blanched cobs in the freezer waiting for use later in the year :-)

    You're doing brilliantly well.

    Good luck with the daffs. When we first moved here we planted hundreds which, unfortunately were mostly eaten by rabbits. We spotted where all the gaps were this year and we will be planting a few more to fill in for the eaten ones.

  2. Thanks Sue. Not decided where to put the daffs yet but will get on that soon.


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