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Spring Life In The Garden.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Bit Of A Mish Mash.

This post is, as the title suggests, a bit of this and that.

I have been working on my preserves by pickling some of the cucmber glut, if I dare call it that, sweet pickling, and they are scrummy I have to say - fab on burgers. I'm trying to find out if I can long term preserve sweet pickles. In the fridge I also have marmalade and lemon curd, which you can't see! that are made ready for the village show next Saturday. 

Thought I'd get ahead a bit with it being Harry's 10th, count 'em, birthday the following Monday so I have baking galore to do with a cake for him and those for the show!

This is my super easy marmalade recipe that you may just be able to see. Bit of an all in one and just great.

Now, these next photos may not mean much to some people but anyhow Jon has has been refurbishing the Rayburn we bought so that we can replace the oil one and have a solid fuel one. He has re-painted with special heat/fire paint,

spruced up the doors which were in great condition anyhow,

and made sure all of the insides and other bits were as they should be.

This is the top of the cooker and the brown paint has been removed to be painted again with said fire paint.

The boys have been helping to move some more branches down to the fire pile..

and in the Poly House my sweet pepper is coming along well, however I prefer red and yellow ones so I hope this changes colour!

I just had to show this because Alfie made it for me and I have it on the dresser in the kitchen.

This morning Jon and the boys took Jake for a walk and they picked just over 1lb of blackberries. I have them on a tray in the freezer before I pop they into a bag. We still the the crumble to finish which I made with some me and the boys picked the other day so thought I'd better put them away for now.

Right, this post is to get photos I've been hoarding for a few days used so that I can publish my special post on Monday.

Ok. Have a lovely weekend and I'll be popping in to see what people are up to.

Bye for now.



  1. Love how the Rayburn is coming along, its the same colour as the one we took out, I am picking my peppers green as there hasnt been enough sunshine to ripen them up so far.

    1. Refurbishment in now complete! It is currently sitting on a trolley board in Jon's work shed waiting for his pal from work to come and help move it into the kitchen on Wednesday. There were a few hairy moments just due to the weight of it!! Jon's dad is here at the weekend for Harry's birthday so will help Jon swap them over. Very excited about having it put in - plus knowing we will no longer have to pay for oil!

  2. I have a green one too and I too prefer other colours. Typical! I love the pics especially the one showing the gift from Alfie. Love the handwritten marmalade recipe too. Made with love x

    1. My pepper report definitely says must try harder!xx


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