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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Birthday Boots And Other Stuff.

Saturday was my birthday and I received some lovely things including these wellie boots to replace the ones I was bought last year...

this lovely set of notebooks, and I think you know I have a bit of a thing about stationery, from one of my sisters will be added to the pile of notebooks I have yet to use...

and they came with this book, too.

I also had a lovely hand and nail kit from The White Company and an old cooking book. (Photos of those next time.)

Even though it was my birthday life doesn't stop. I had to go and do the food shopping plus Jon's dad and his wife were here so that he could help do the final switch over of the Rayburn. I gave Jon a little hand taking out the oil bolier so I now have another cupboard for storage in the kitchen....

...and this will be getting painted and have new shelves.

The oil tank was drained of all the oil although Jon was having trouble finding enough recepticles to put it in!

At lunch time Jon went to fetch a piano we had bought for Alfie on Ebay for the ridiculous price of £4.50! Luckily we have a friend who is always happy to give Jon a lift. Again there will be a photo later on.

We went to Aber today and I had some clothes for my birthday. This included underwear and I have to brutally honest that it must be too long since I bought certain items that I could not remember my size!!

Now onto our Airbnb guests. They were just lovely people who thought the room and facilities were fantastic and were thoroughly appreciative of the complementary continental breakfast we gave them on their first morning.

We plan on offering this as an option from now on until we decide to offer cooked breakfasts. 

Now something else. I have lost the photo but the men who Dawn saw carrying the cross came past my house on Friday and then we saw them in Aber on Saturday morning.

And then, of course, Strictly is back on and Bronllan is usually referred to Sequin Central during its run. Loving it already; Tamika is outrageous, loving Anastacia with Brendan and I could go on and on.and on. Eeeeek!

Bye for now.

Lou. xx


  1. A lovely pantry area wonderful, your continental breakfast looks really yummy, glad it went well with your first guests, how lovely you managed to see the two men with the cross :-)

    1. I may not use it for a pantry area because of having the cellar room, but I may need to move things around in the kitchen to accommodate bits and pieces for the guest rooms so it could be for most of my cleaning bits and vases etc. Useful whatever, though. Had to hang my head out of the top kitchen window to get the photo so I'm mad I deleted it by mistake!

  2. Happy Birthday you had some lovely gifts x

  3. So glad it went well with the AirBnB guests and belated happy birthday!


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