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Friday, 23 September 2016

A Lot Going On - And Some Exciting News!

Right. Today is Friday but what has been going on this week?

I think it was Monday that I picked two of our corn cobs for tea and they were gorgeous. I am still AMAZED that I have managed to grow these!  

On Tuesday I had a bit of an admin day as well as a bit of baking and cleaning out the chikens,

On Wednesday I had a lovely visit from Dawn at Doing It For Ourselves In Wales and she brought me some lovely things. These fantastic chicken plate holders? to use with the Rayburn....

a pile of magazines...

and a bag of chilies. 

She came to help me with my sowing and growing and now have a plan up to around July of what to plant and when. I am continually grateful for her advice and she never thinks I'm completely daft with the things I do, like being too careful with some plants and treating them too kind, well just a bit!

Thursday was a glorious day here.

I used the Rayburn to get a few things done. It is hot enough to use the top so I made the mix for a meat and potatoe pie, the pastry top (with a bit of grated cheese under the pastry top and in it, too...

and it came out very nicely.

I've been given a list by Jon and the boys for some new things to bake so I started off with creamed corn and cheesy bacon muffins. Mmmm.

Whilst all this was going on I had the egg shells for the garden in the warning oven, too.

And then the outside jobs consisted of giving the Poly House a good tidy and sweep after I had taken out the cucmber plants and mixed some of my compost through the bed.

Oh, I've been meaning to post a picture of  this tool which Jon made for me when he found the head of it in the shed and fashioned a new handle for it. 

Now, what else. I've started off some cauliflowers which can be sown in September/October and also a few more turnip; taking a chance on those just because they seemed to grow really well for me. One of the other trays is a salad leaf mix at the suggestion of Dawn; it has rocket, radichio I think, beetroot and mixed leaf seeds all together.  I have spring onions and lettuces in the drainpipes still.

My Father in Law was kind enough to bring me these fruit bushes which I have not moved outside, Dawn! There are two each of Spring and Autumn Raspberries, two Blackcurrants and one of grapes. The patch where they are going needs some attention next week.

The dwarf beans are coming on a treat and a flower appeared on Wednesday.

Now, the exciting news is that on Tuesday night we received an email via Airbnb to say we had a booking for the room this weekend! This is it but there are also two tub chairs and a coffee table.

The room had been advertised for about 10 days but was not available until Tuesday, and we got the booking at 9pm. I am amazed, grateful, nervous etc so we are preparing to welcome our first guests this evening at about 10pm. I have been into Aber this morning to buy a few things as we plan on giving them a compementary, continental breakfast tomorrow morning. The couple are also Airbnb hosts so hope to get some useful feedback from them on our efforts. They COULD be repeat guests if they like what we have to offer as they are coming to view porperties.

Anyhow really must go. I'm getting this post done just now as I have a bit of tidying to do in the garden and have bread to bake, too, then a final check on the room later this evening but the guests are calling when they have a more firm time for their arrival.

Ok, I'll be checking what everybody is up to, as usual, and then I'll see you on the flipside of the weekend.

Bye for now.



  1. your pie looks delicious, hope everything goes well this week end with your first paying guests and I hoe you get plenty more :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn. I have delivered the complementary breakfast and plan to add it as an option to the listing.

  2. Hi I've just found your blog what a lovely read.i love your lifestyle. It must be hard work but rewarding.
    Good luck with your first guest.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Good luck with your first guests. We did B&B here for about four years and found it fitted in well with our smallholding lifestyle.

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