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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Weekend Round-up.

Good afternoon.

I am currently watching/listening to the ladies marathon. The last couple of days have been just amazing with the rowing, cycling, heptathalon, swimming - need I go on?

However, I have managed to do a few other things, but not much! Jon made a lovely chicken and mushroom pie for tea one night this week and we had extra pastry so I baked a yummy apple and plum pie for our puddings. Oh, talking of baking The Great British Bake Off (TGBBO) begins on August 24. Yay!!

When I collected eggs one day we had this very strange looking one. I was a little unsure about the quality of it so decided not to keep it. Egg yield has been a little disappointing this last week so hope the girls buck up their ideas from tomorrow.
Now, please could somebody confirm what this is for me and can it be eaten or consumed in any way?  The tree is in the garden and there are lots of these on it.
The boys were due back yesterday so we headed into Aber first thing in the morning to do the food shopping and run a couple of errands. On our return I put away the shopping in almost Olympic time in order to sit down and enjoy Super Saturday. I celebrated with a Chelsea bun and a cup of coffee - and what a day it was!

The boys indeed did come home yesterday and it was lovely to have them back. We went out to eat tea as the Gramps were staying a little way from the house so joined them up there. 

Now, I think I mentioned that last weekend we secured a sale on a well know auction site. Well, we paid £26 for this Rayburn.

It is in cracking shape, including the doors....
and the hot plates are in fantastic condition, too.

It was inherited when the new owners of a house moved in but they did not want it. It needs a bit of TLC, a good clean and the top needs to be re-enamled but nothing Jon can't handle. I was very unsure of the colour as I SOOO love our blue Rayburn but it really isn't that bad. It will take a little time to get used to as it will be fuelled by wood not oil but we'll get there. We plan on it being in by some time in October after we have used up the oil we still have in the tank.

Jon has continued working on the end room and we bought some super funky lino for the bathroom yesterday. I can't wait to show you the photots when finished; it will be done and dusted for our visitor on Friday so will do so sometimes then. Our visitor is a good friend who I have not seen since Alfie's first birthday party! We used to live opposite each other in London and since then and now she has worked in New York on and off for around 10 years and I have moved around and got married (she was a witness at our wedding in Cyprus). She is amazing because even though in the US she is alwasy early sending cards and presents to us and the boys for whatever celebrations; we are all sooooo excited about her arriving on Friday evenning!

Well, not much to report here really, only that the sun is expected to shine on us on tomorrow and Tuesday so we are planning a BBQ on one day or the other and I hope to make the best of the weather in the garden with a few jobs.

Bye for now.



  1. Its a Rose Hip from a dog rose, great bargain on the Rayburn will pop back later, not myself at the moment :-)

  2. I love a pie and on enamel dish, I got two yesterday from the carboot 10p each. They rayburn was such a bargain, even if it does need a bit of re - enamelling.x

    1. Ooh yes. I love blue and white enamel. I have quite a few things in it.x

  3. If I remember right from about 34 years ago the rayburn colour is Mink, we had it in one house we lived in and got it cheap because no one wanted that colour!. the egg would have been OK, it happens when a chicken gets a shock/weather they dont like/ old hens coming to end of lay --in other words now and again for no good reason!Sometimes the white part is a bit runny when they have crinkled shells but OK.

  4. Hi Sue. Thanks for all that. I've had wonky looking eggs before but this one just looked very wierd to not sure.

  5. love the rayburn, what a corking bargain.

    Always nice to visit you, you always have lots of scrummy food for me to look at. Downside is you make me hungry so I'm off to have a cuppa and a bit of choccy! x

    1. Thanks, Sadie. As I said it needs a bit of TLC which will cost but it will be worth it when we say ta da to the oil bill!x

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  7. I love the Rayburn!!! Amazing bargain, well done you. The colour is lovely, traditional. I wouldn't have picked our colour if I had to buy new, but now I have it, I won't part with it! I love it, albeit and Aga but same difference!
    Are your girls wormed up to date if off lay? Mites? xx


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