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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Show Me, Show Me!

The village Horticultural show happens at the beginning of next month so I was very pleased when yesterday I received the entry form for the various classes. When we moved here last year it took place the week after we arrived, and was also on the same day as Harry's birthday, so I was unable to take part but this year I am all over it like a rash!

I love a local event such as a show like this. The sometimes quirky class titles make me laugh and some of those which are inculded this year are an arrangement of garden flowers in a gravy boat and an arrangement in a cup and saucer, as well at the usual ones.

I have decided to enter seven classes, five of which are preserves or baking, plus one craft one and maybe two more in the garden produce class if I have some decent toms and cucumbers by then. 

The naughty but nice one will be my chocolate brownie with extra chocolate!

This morning I have had a bit of a clear out in the Poly House. I decided to ditch the beef tomatoes, much to my disappointment, and one of my two courgettes plants which hasn't done much at all for a while so I'm ok about that one.

Now you see them, now you don't!

I think Jake was wondering where they had gone, too!

I decided to rake over the chicken enclosure this morning. We had put some greenery in there for them and now it has broken down a bit I thought I would remove it. However, as I was raking over the leaves and things the girls were keen to see what was underneath. I ended up leaving a number of piles for them to root and scratch through and we plan on getting them some new sand this weekend. 

That is about it for me today. We are heading off to replenish food supplies this evening as the boys come home tomorrow and we are hoping for a good evening so we can have a BBQ. I have a busy few days coming up because there are uniform and supplies to check over, replace, get ready etc for when they are back at school on September 5. Harry moves up a year and a class which is exciting and Alfie will be in the same class and quite pleased, I feel, that he won't have Harry on his shoulder all the time!

I have put some cucumbers and onions to soak ready to turn them into sweet fridge pickles tomorrow so looking forward to seeing how them turn out. My pickled eggs are ready to be tried today but fancy waiting to have them with fish and chips; maybe we'll treat outselves to a chippy tea after the shopping.

Ok, I've made veg and lentil curried soup for my lunch so I'm going to eat that then put the washing out before a few jobs that need doing inside.

By for now.



  1. Good luck with all your entries, enjoy your family bbq have a great weekend x

  2. good luck with the show, its never easy getting rid of plants but its for the best, I got rid of a few no hopers the other day, now you have some empty tubs you could pop in some carrots to grow in the poly house over winter, or a few potatoes to have with your christmas dinner.

  3. It really pained me to lose the tomatoes but that is mother nature for you. I was trying to think what I could put in the tubs!

  4. good luck with the show. exciting stuff!

    1. Thanks, Sadie. I might make the marmalade this afternoon. It is the easiest recipe in the world and just so delicious.

    2. Lou in the photo there is a tom plant with flowers. Keep it and put it out in the conservatory or a very warm corner and see what happens, you have nothing to lose.x

  5. Thanks. Getting the preserves done just now but the show isn't until Sept 10.


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