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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Homestead Ways and Sunny Days.

This week I tried something a bit different with my bread making. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds with pine nuts, mmmm yummy when toasted in the heat slightly.

On Thursday morning I baked this yummy blueberry breakfast cake, mainly for Alfie, the recipe for which I saw on Pinterest - here is the link; easy to bake and very tasty.

Just to being me back down to earth I cleaned out the chickens later on before any rain looked like it was starting - a great job as I love seeing it all cosy for them - call me daft! 

On Friday morning I planted out most of the beetroot, still a bit to go, then after lunch baked a lemon cake to use up some eggs and changed beds. We decided to go to Aber in the late afternoon as the weather was just glorious. We also thought we would get a Chinese takeaway to have with the boys as they would be going away to the Gramps at the weekend for a week. They had been so good tidying up inside whist me and Jon were busy and even made us a cafetier of coffee! 

We drove to the seafront and instead of going second class we turned left and headed to the harbour for a change, walking up as far as we could. Check out my photos and the fab, bluer than blue sky.

I think this is where the river Ystwyth meets the sea.

 Looking back toward the sea front.

Alfie has had the lucky sea gull poo drop on this a couple of times and this one seemed to be circling him!

There were a few people on the beach and the lifeguards were on duty.

Today, Sunday, and this was the collection of goodies first thing in the morning from the hen house, Poly House and outside - our first tomato! Courgettes and sugar snap peas are still steadily growing, too, and there was another egg later on.

The boys are going off shortly when Grandad has done helping Jon with a project I will share at a later date. Their little backpacks are packed and they will hopefully be back next Saturday in time for us to go to a vintage show being held in Aberaeron.

Jon is back to work tomorrow so I will be keeping myself busy with various things, but also watching some of the Olympics depending on the times which are a little crazy here and there because of the time difference.

Right I'm just rambling now so hope to have some stuff to share with you later in the week.

By for now.



  1. Nice of you to have a little break out, the vintage show sounds good, hope you can share some photos.
    I must try some different breads although I use a breadmaker , xx

    1. Yes. The boys are looking forward to the miitary vehicles and I would like there to be some cool vintage stands.x

  2. I have been reading your posts and seeing how busy you have been..just behind commenting and glitches with the broadband...we hope to get to the vintage show too, maybe we could meet up?

    1. Glad you are catching up with our stuff. I'll let you know if we are going to make the show.


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