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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Photo Call - Nothing Much Else Doing.

Last week, or probably the week before, our CPH number was sent to us. This is very exciting as it means we should now be able to put some pigs on the field. We hope to get a couple and keep them for ourselves for the freezer. Have to work out the logistics of despatching them and getting them slaughtered but Jon fancies doing the butchering himself. 

There does not seem much that I can do in the Poly House at the moment, although I'm sure somebody will usefully let me know what jobs they are doing just now...

I thought I would take a couple of photos for you to see progress of some things I don't think I've shown before plus others.

These are the oca that Dawn kindly gave me..

then Dawn also gave me some sweet potato slips are they are doing very well, too. LOVE sweet potatoes.

Forgot to show you the firepit in use on Saturday evening; it was great. Alfie doesn't always like Pork Belly but he said it was lovely cooked over the fire.

After thinking I had lost the squash plant it is starting to show real signs of life!

I have sown turnips, at the back, a little while ago and the tray at the front were done yeaterday. I love using them in soups.

The dwarf beans are not showing any sign of actual beans just yet but looking healthy so hopefully some time this month they will come out.

These on are the cordon tomatoes. I'm alwasy tempted to call this plant James!...

then this is the bush variety, I think it is Gardeners Delight.

The prospect of making chutney with my own onions, courgettes and tomatoes is almost too much to cope with!!

I've been dragging yet more leaves etc out of the pond this morning and have some dry enough to put in the compost bin. 

I need to properly sit down and see if there is anything I can start off now that can be plated in a couple of weeks ready for late Autumn/Winter - any tips anybody? 

Funny day weather wise today; overcast them blasts of sun but a bit breezy, too. I have the courgettes and squash out again and I guess if we get a little rain it won't do them any harm.

Bye for now.



  1. it's all looking so good. I asked Bill to grow me peas this year but he hasn't! No idea where my parsnips have vanished too either. Haven't told him yet, but from now on I'm going to take charge of growing the veggies. I always used to do it, but as he sort of took over. No more! I'm taking back control!

    Exciting to get pigs. You really are living The Good Life!


    oo, sprouts probably need starting off soon for winter harvest. Yum. home grown sprouts, that's just such a lovely thought. x

    1. Sadie, nice to hear from you. I never thought things would turn out as well as they have done. Show Bill how its done with the peas! Yes pigs, eek and oink! Have thought that sprouts would be a bit tricky but I might give a few plants a go.x

  2. I would love to have some answers for you but we have the same questions hah! We have 6 sprouts in already but they aren't doing very well tbh. Our dwarf beans are exactly the same so fingers crossed for some signs of edible life soon xx

    1. Tracy. Keeping my fingers crossed for all your efforts.x

  3. My beans are just starting to flower, plenty of time yet we are only just into July, I was sowing turnips yesterday, you can sow, radish, beetroot, lettuce,radicchio, cabbage, carrots, corriander, basil to name but a few

    1. Thanks for the reassurance, Dawn! I am buying some beetroot seeds at the weekend and seeds to grow whole lettuces; I've gone off the salad leaf thing a bit. Really hoping to get the leeks out this weeekend and they have a bit of space for the odd thing in the Poly House reaised bed.Must stop rambling and save stuff for my next post!


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