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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Only Four- Day Gap?

Wow. I just checked and it is only four days since my last post but it seems so much longer. 

Anyhow, what has been going on at our end?

The people who sold us Bronllan went away last Sunday so we said we would look after their horses every other day or so. Alfie had a bit of a bad experience with them when we first got here but he is better now and loved feeding them their carrots.

The boys have been good at going outside whilst the weather is good and snapped them sitting on the trailer and having a chin wag the other day.

On Friday I baked a Victoria sandwich cake and when we had been shopping on Saturday I filled and decorated it, unfortunately not with our own strawberries. Suffice to say it did not last very long as we had had a big fried breakfast and did not want lunch so this was snack!

On Saturday morning I was chuffed to see the girls were back to 6-a day and I picked our second cucumber and more sugar snap peas.

On Saturday I also made a vegetable lasagne; I had two small aubergines that I bought last week and thought I should use them up. I mixed some red lentils and kidney beans together and I had grated some sweet potatoe ready to make some fritters and had a bit of red pepper, two of our own but small courgettes and half a red onion to use up so fried these whilst I lightly baked slices of the aubergines. (Wish I'd taklen pictures as I went along!) I layered the lentil mix then the pepper and onions followed by the sweet potato and toppped with the aubergines keeping going until it was all used up. Topped off with four slices of cheese and popped in the oven for a little while it turned into this.

Can't wait to have it for my lunch, I am home alone today until tea time tomorow as the boys have gone on a trip to see Jon's parents; two locations and bringing his mum back for a short visit. Going to get today's jobs done after this then I am going to continue with this.

This is my papercrafting C word December Daily project! Check out here for examples of scrapbooking/mini-albums on acid! It is something I have wanted to do for a couple of years but you have to be a bit organised and get the base album finished before the rest of the festive organisation starts or you never get it done. Here's hoping I manage it this year, although most people don't tweak the finishing touches until the new year, final photos etc.

This is some of my Christmas crafting stash which I rummaged for in one of the outbuildings where we are currently keeping the decorations etc. Amongst other things I'm using up pages from an old festive planner I made a couple of years ago, why not...

then Tunnocks tea cake wrappers are one of my very fav things to use for decorations and papercrafting at C.

This is the start of the cover; sorry I'll stop now, but you know how I love C!

This morning I went to do the watering in the Poly House; we have had rain so most things outside have had a good soaking. My broccoli which has been attacked by some nibbler of sorts seems to have perked up a bit so really pleased about that. I collected the eggs and thought I'd take a few photos. Apologies but no time again for Pic Monkey.

Bush variety coming on loads on just one side?...

and the beef tomatoes better in bigger planters.

Nearly had a disaster with the cordon plant the other day as the bunch of toms was so heavy it nearly broke the stem off! Sorted it with more twine and canes!

THIS is the sweetcorn?

Right, well I have to get the chooks cleaned out and then I can do what I want and any other household chores, apart from one load of washing, can DEFINITELY wait until tomorrow.

Yay! Domestic freedom, just for the day, not that I am not the happiest bunny making a family home for me and my men, but it will be fun. I'm NOT be wearing my watch, I'm doing what NEEDS to be done and then the world is my oyster. 

Ooo, the post lady has just brought this union jack bunting I ordered ready for the Olympic celebrations - the boys are so excited, especially Alfie. It has a vintage, faded white look!

Right I'm off but I'll be cheking in to see what everybody else is getting up to, of course!

Bye for now.



  1. I must admit I am a bit afraid of bigger animals but then I never had any opportunities as a child.
    Your cake and lasagne look good. You can't beat a classic sponge.
    My tomatoes are just starting to ripen.
    I don't mind you mentioning the C word, I like to prepare for it early xx

    1. I keep checking the toms for redness like some kind of mad woman!

  2. How I love, love, love your posts! I too love Christmas, especially this year! So shout all you want for me :) I will have a look at the link you put as soon as I get chance (sat having lunch at desk now in office but everyone will be back shortly!).
    That cake is to die for and look amazing. I love the simple pleasures. My ducks' eggs make the best ever sponge I'm told so I only use duck eggs now for baking. I'm feeling giddy now thinking about everything! Roll on my holidays! xx

    1. Hi Tracy. Thanks that is so lovely of you! Always happy somebody enjoys reading my ramblings. Yes you will be loving Christmas this year in the way we did last year! Eeek! We thought about having ducks but decided against it. Hip hip for your holidays!xx

  3. That cake looks fantastic! Never to early to think about Christmas - I love it too x

    1. Thanks Greta. It tasted pretty good even if I say so myself. Ordered some funky stickers and die cuts yesterday for the December Daily.

  4. Started on Christmas here, I dont buy gifts if I cant make it they dont get it, my second cucumber is ready for picking perhaps tomorrow I noticed toms turning today will be ready by the end of the week I hope, as we dont buy them we are really looking forward to the harvest.

    1. We didn't do Christmas presents for anybody other than they boys last year and I gave money to charity instead of sending cards as I have done for a couple of years, even though my sister got very narky with me about both things! I think I am making my own cards this year but will only be about half a down or so and I am going to try making food gifts this year so they won't be big gifts but it is the thought that counts. No sign of redness on the toms yet. I, too, am sooo looking forward to not buying them.

  5. I won't comment on that !!!
    your sister xxx


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