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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Holiday Happenings.

Today is the first day of the school summer holidays so I have made my type face colour a little more summer like, just coz I can!

I have been quite leniant with the boys for the first day but I always do my best to keep them off screens for some parts of the day so we are able to do things as a family. This morning they had a lie in, no doubt watching too much tv, and I got them downstairs at 10am after I had eaten my breakfast, collected the first eggs, weeded some of the veg patch and did the Poly House jobs.

After their breakfast we took Jake for a walk and I photographed a few things in the lovely sunshine.

The weather is glorious again today and Jake always likes to cool off by having a roll in the grass.

Along the cycle path are tonnes of blackberry bushes so cannot wait to get some picked for pies!

We also came across a raspberry bush and had a couple of them to nibble on and we hope there will be more there and one I have spied across the road near a neighbour's building.

We meandered home enjoying the sunshine but knowing we would all enjoy a cold drink a little bit more!

When back at home Alfie asked if he could do some 'school work'. Call me pushy but I have always used the internet to provide things for the boys to do to keep their brains working during hoidays. They like to do their own newspaper articles, I print off word searches and book report pages etc. I hope to find some Welsh quizes they can do, too but I will need to make sure I have the answers in English, too!

Alfie loves keeping a scrapbook so we will be buying a new one at the weekend. He has asked if we can do Art on a Friday like they do at school. As I said I do my best to not have them on a screen and when I encourage them I love that they want to do stuff. Alfie is currently doing his newspaper front page with articles which include the hot weather, and him selling his cheese block door stops at the school faete but he is including the Olympics as he can't WAIT for them to start. 

Harry has 31 day Lego challenge and is already on about day four!

We also plan on going to the river to swim, weather depending of course, cooking, some crafting etc. visit the beach etc. I wouldn't describe myself as a helicopter parent as they need to play on their own so I get some time for myself over this long holiday.

We are planning on joining the Aber library so we can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge summer reading challenge which is based around Roald Dahl, who they both love.

So, Day One seems to be going ok. We have egg mayonnaise made for lunch sandwiches to eat outside, in the shade of course. One down 46 to go!

Bye for now.



  1. I hope the weather stays fairly good through the holidays, I love the newspaper idea and the lego challenge,tomorrow the kids here are doing some willow weaving, there has been very little time for the TV.

    1. We are being rained on at the moment but we need it a bit just now. The willow weaving kits you kindly gave us are on our list of to do's in the coming weeks.

  2. Oh wow what a great Mam you are!! The kids are going to have an amazing time off with you planning ahead for them so much. How lovely. I'm off to look up the lego challenge for my 2! xx

    1. Thanks Tracy. I found the Lego challenge on Pinterest. I have a little routine we're hoping to follow and my friend called it Boys Bootcamp, in the nicest way! Children like perameters as my friend said and it doesn't take long for them to follow the routine. OMG - proper rain just now - 2.20pm Thursday.

  3. The library summer reading challenge is always a good one to do. Sounds like you have a fun summer planned.


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