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Friday, 1 July 2016

Here Comes The Rain Again?

Good morning!

I'm trying to be positive as the weather is a bit under the weather here!

We have a bit of a busy weekend coming up so I thought I'd get this in now whilst I'm having my lunch.

In the week Jon got the huge tyres I had told you about; you can probably figure out where they are in relation to the Poly House. They are just great and will make fantastic planters. Inside I could get seven potato tubers in one quite comfortably and they will be a wonderful size for things like carrots and leeks, too.

This I took off one of the courgette plants yesterday; better size all round really! (The spoon is a tea spoon.)

For our wedding anniversary meal yesterday we had what we call in our house burgers with everything. I made bread rolls for them, which I haven't done before, and they came out really well. 

Jon's is the bigger of the two pictured.

I have taken Jake out for a walk this morning and I need to ask - have I missed the boat on Elderflowers? I managed to identify them a short while ago whilst walking down the cycle path but they seem to have disappeared. 

Also, has anybody picked any blackberries yet? I'm sure I used to get them earlier than now where we used to live; I think ours are just starting to show a little, white flower but aah, my Food For Free book tells me the fruit doesn't come until the start of August. A bit to wait, then?

The rain is holding off so I should go and clean out the chickens in case it does rain tomorrow.

I have started something today which I think may be fun. They say it take 21 days to create a regular habit so I am giving this a go. (This is home made until my printer cartridges arrive and I can print off a better one and you may have to click on it to see if better.)

It will hopefully help me take a regular walk, drink more water and include a bit more fuit in my diet as well as a couple of other things.  We shall see; I know I didn't want to fail on the first day so took Jake out whilst it wasn't raining.

Ok girls, here I come with fresh straw and sawdust. Hopefully I will have some fun things to report after the weekend.

And finally wish us (get me!) "Pob lwc Cymru" for the football this evening.

Bye for now.



  1. Just think of the money you saved having your meal at home, the burgers look very good.
    I think I will be picking my first courgette this week.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I always love your posts, they really make me smile. You haven't missed the elderflower boat, well I am making cordial tomorrow so I hope not! Brambles as we call them are September here in the north east of England so fine for that too. That corgette us fab. Mine are behind as planted those late. Yum to the burgers too xx

  3. Happy anniversary for last post honey, catching up, typing left handed which is delaying my posts and replying to posts..no doubt I will explain, I love wedding photos , memories and well done you ..think the elder flowers are past their best, every day on and off heavy downpours and fed up..come on Wales and summer xxx

    1. Thanks. I'm being postitive about having a good summer. Today is really quite sunny with blue sky and some whispy clouds. Have dried a washer load in super quick time; I love to see it dancing in the wind.

  4. And didn't the football go well! We all shouted ourselves hoarse! Semi-finals next, can't wait.

    1. Oh we jumped up and down and screamed like banshees. WHAT a match. Three amazing goals. Can't wait until Wednesday and I don't normally even watch football!x

  5. goodness those burgers are huge! but they look so delicious 😊 I'm a newish follower of your blog, I keep trying to follow and get your blog in my home feed but for some reason it never comes up,I am going try again tonight lol silly technology 😉

    1. Thanks for following. I sometimes lose blogs I am following and have to add them to my list again. Flippin' Google Blogger!


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