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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Catch up time (sorry for the uninspiring title)

Blogland forgive me, it has been, not sure how long, since my last post! 

Only kidding.

Here are my boys at the school presentation on Wednesday afternoon!

Most presentations were for Year 6 but there were others for things like top attendance for the year, most improved reading in Welsh etc.

The boys had their school summer fete on Friday and Jon hepled Alfie to make these door stops. Harry with Jon made Harry Potter wands out of branches from our twisted willow tree; he sold them all so no photo I'm afraid!

I was helping on the cake stall, of course, so set to baking and took along these three plus chocolate brownies and banana and sultana muffins. (Just realised the Victoria Sponge photo was taken pre jam and cream but you get the gist!)

At the fete I bought some quails eggs. Two things, they are much nicer hard boiled than runny - not keen on the taste at all - and if I ever should buy them again it will only be when I can afford to pay somebody to peel them for me - fiddly buggers!

Yesterday I harvested the first of our sugar snap peas, really fat and tasty and the boys have eaten them all as it was them I grew them for really, and the girls were back on form and  gave me six eggs.

Today I picked the first of our cucumbers - see the scale of it next to my glasses! I have taken some leaves off the underneath of the plants as there are lots of little ones growing and thought I might get more light to them. Try anything me! We should be able to stop buying those very soon. I have also ditched some of the compost from the drainpipe I was using to grow salad leaves. They were not growing decently anymore so I tidied it out and sowed some new spring onions; I think the ones in the same bed as the cucumber were being overshadowed by the big plants and just not progressing - another lesson learned there; learning all the time as my dad used to say!

The boys finish school on Tuesday so today we set to with sorting out a present of sorts for their teacher. They made a card between them and then decorated a hard-backed book I had in my stationery stash plus we have given her some pretty post it notes. (I was given them in the stationery swap I did recently but they were prefect to pop in the gift bag.)

This is the back of the book decorated my Harry's own fair hand and they both wrote some very nice things in Welsh on the inside cover.

I was having a fight with my cordon of tomatoes on this morning because I could NOT get the piggin' thing tied so it didn't lean too much. Eventually I strung them to one of the roof struts but I think I will nip the top soon.

Not much else going on in the Poly House although very pleased to see the beetroot I sowed a week ago are coming up nicely; Harry loves beetroot and I plan on pickling plenty! The courgette plants are a bit hit and miss at the moment; hardly anything is happening on one of the but the other seems to be coming along better with a couple growing well and more waiting in the wings so to speak.

We have had a lot of rain over the last few days so the water butts and any other receptacles with wide enough necks are over-flowing!

I do hope we are in for some better weather this week as we still yet to get the dreaded top soil. I am still ok regarding planting a few last things out but Jon has been so busy that even if the weather had been drier we probably wouldn't have managed to fetch it home anyway.

Well, my washing up is calling before the new series of Fake or Firtune; we love that!

Bye for now and look forward, as usual, to see the weekend shenanigans from everybody.



  1. Summer Holidays already, I am sure you can find lots of little jobs to keep the boys busy. Have fun x

  2. Thanks, I hope to, although all they want to do if the sun shines is to go down to the river and swim! I am working on a plan!x

  3. Well done those boys! And well done proud mum for all the support and encouragement x


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