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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Rain Rain Go Away!

Boy are we having some rain! It is forecast until Thursday I think and then a little better at the weekend; Bont have their carnival on Saturday so hope the afternoon is dry.

I have a number of jobs that need doing but just can't do them in this rain. Some people probably would and I'm really not wanting to be a fair weather gardener - that is not an option when you grow your own - but not today.

I have cabbages to put in the patch and I need some new netting on the strawberries as my initial do-for-now chicken wire is not the best and I knew it would have to improved on.

I am having a bit of a panic about a few things. My courgettes are growing but some of the leaves have turned a little yellow so I have stopped watering them so much - they are in the Poly House. As for the tomatoes, I have one cordon and two other bush type ones, I think. Two out of three including the cordon are starting to flower and I know I can't really expect any fruit until about August but the one without flowers has very strong leaves/stems; I think I have the watering right for them and I think I have been pinching them out correctly.

However on the positive side of things the carrots and onions I planted out last week have come on a little and the broccoli looks as though it won't die on me! 

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Jon is hopefully fetching home the JCB-sized tyres from work today, which I mentioned we are going to use to extend our growing area. Does depend on the weather as he has to come home for the trailer first.

Ok well I'm going to go and catch up with the Sewing Bee now.



  1. Hi Louise the weather here is rotten as well, we keep popping in and out, it gives it all week here x

    1. I just hope for bright spells here and there.x

  2. You probably already had a plan, but I found this after reading your post:
    http://bemakeful.com/project/tire-planter/ Have fun!

    1. Thanks Kathleen. Going to take look now.


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