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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Just A Quick Word.

A quick post today. It was glorious weather so I got a few things done in the Poly House and garden. First of all I cut some more babmboo canes for a couple of jobs that needed doing.

Oh, you know I said Jon would install the water butt at the weekend...well last night it was ready for the next downpour.

You may remember the pond didn't look like this when we frist moved to the house. It was covered with a very thick layer of green algae but after I was told the chickens would like to eat it, thanks Dawn, we have cleared it and Jon has begun cleaning out the pond, and boy does it need it! It is full of leaves and who knows what else.

The chickens congregate in the corner of the enclosure closest to the pond in the hope that the fishing net we use to scoop up the algae will be heading their way. No longer ladies!

Also on some advice given to me I have made an effort to cane and net the cucumbers more efficiently, I hope...

I think I have adequately attached the plants to the canes and the netting so they are not flopping down.

I have also managed to tie the cordon tomatoes to a bamboo cane.

I also made the decision to take one of the tomato plants out of the grow bag as it was not making any progress at all. Not sure if I can plant anything else in there, thought I might put one of the sweet pepper plants in as it is ready to be potted on.

I have successfully dried the herbs I put into the conservatory when being in the cellar was not doing the trick, thanks again Dawn!.

No picture but I have put them in jars I already have, the dill especially smells fab. Can't wait to have it on some fish.

Bye for now.



  1. your welcome Louise advice is free, its all about helping each other, one day you will be passing on lots of tips of your own I am sure, great news with the water butt and the herbs :-)

  2. Oh wow I would love to do this o ce we have a herb garden. Would be interested to know what you and dawn did x

    1. All I did was tie up a reasonably good sized bunch and then pin it to one of the beams in the conservatory. I tried it in the cellar but not warm enough. It worked really well and itend to do some more. I guess you could just lay them out on trays, too, but the air gets around them if they are hung up.x


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