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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Inside And Out.

This may be a bit random in its writing but I just want to get it down so I have a clean slate for next week.

Our herbs are really flourishing at the moment so I thought I'd have a go at drying some.

After tying them in bundles I hung them in the cellar. If this does not work sufficiently I will put them in the conservatory.

I also decided to have a go at making some mint sauce. Not much but tasty all the same.

I also had a bash at making mayonnaise with our eggs. turned out ok but will try again another time; need to eat this first as a bit rich for the boys. 

Yesterday Jon fetched yet more bark so we can tidy up around the Poly House and strawberry and veg patches.

This morning the boys woke us at 6.45am to tell us they had already been out and fed the chickens and came bearing gifts for Jon along with juice and toast for both of us. Bless!!!!!! After a good breakfast, and I had set today's bread to prove, we headed outside; me to the Poly House where I planted some more salad leaves and sweet peppers and also spied this!!!!

....and the boys helped Jon start work on the picket fence we are building - I use we a lot but mainly mean Jon!

It will be my job to paint when it is finished. Whilst outside I took a look at the onions which are coming on beautifully.

I took a photo of the roses around the front door just because I think they are gorgeous and when we drive up tot the house and see them it always makes us smile.

Ok, battery is about to run out so good time to stop. Hope to see what everybody has been up to over the weekend a little later on.

Bye for now.



  1. I have thought about drying herbs but I don't know where I would do it, not sure if the greenhouse is the right place?
    I love homemade mint sauce, it doesn't make much but it is still worth it.x

    1. Forgot to say the Roses around the door are beautiful x

    2. I keep forgetting to go check on them. Will do shortly, and thank you the roses really are rather fab and even better that they are established and flower until around November!


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