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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

In Between The Showers Again

Ooops,now this is a bit weird. 

I just realised this post was in my Draft folder since last Wednesday and cannot think why I didn't publish it. So.... today you get three posts for the price of two?! Sorry for the overload but hope you enjoy it anyway.....  

I had to take my chances today with the weather because the chicken house had to be cleaned out. I kept an eye on the weather whilst I had my breakfast then went for it.

I have never shown you the inside of the chicken house so here it is. The girls now have new bedding, the poo panel down the middle has fresh sawdust and compost has a new layer of goodness on it. Happy ladies! Also three eggs first thing which is back to normal.

I fed them some dried egg shells, changed the water and all was right with the world.

I watered the courgettes, squash etc and checked on the cucumbers and everything else in the Poly House. I decided to harvest our first courgettes and here they are - how exciting is this?! They are around four inches long which is the size it says everywhere that you should pick them at.

I have taken some photos of the veg and strawberry patch. These are the onions,

then the broccoli

 and the carrots.

This is the new netting on the strawbs - much better and infinitely more manageable.

I have these gazunders going spare so I plan to put the pumpkins in them soon as they could do with being potted on soon I think.

Considering how big they grow I think they will each get a tyre of their own when they arrive! 

I also took a quick peek at the apple tree -great!

I came in, got changed then went to post a letter and popped in to see our elderly, 88 year old neighbour who lives along the road from us. After having a cuppa and helping her email her son I came home, and just in time. The heavens opened not long ago and have no intention of stopping by the looks of things so very glad I got outside.

Bye for now.xx


  1. Your courgettes are well ahead of mine,enjoy them xx

    1. Yes we will. Looking forward to making my chutney with them.

  2. You cant beat the joy of picking your own and eating it, you are doing so well with everything and have come a long way, well done :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn. You have been a great help, too.

  3. Your girls have a lovely home, warm and cosy. Our courgettes have a way to go yet, enjoy your crop xx

    1. Thank you Cheryl. A couple of people have said that about my courgettes so it is very encouraging!


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