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Spring Life In The Garden.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Good Weather, Good Job!

Yesterday I gave the chicken house a good clean out, fresh straw and sawdust etc and it was the best day to do it as no rain - not an easy job in the wet. I also did some baking, took the dog for a walk, cleaned all the downstairs windows inside and wrote a letter.

In the evening it was absolutely lovely outside, too, and it seemed a waste to be sitting inside. So after tea Jon and Alfie finished the fence along side the veg patch; it looks just great! He still has another section to complete on the other side plus a little gate then Jake will not get through to do what he shouldn't be doing on the bark!

Whilst they and did that I gave the Poly House a good old clean out. I swept the floor, pulled up any sneaky weeds that had crept through, tidied the top shelf of pots and trays and moved a few things around. You probably can see I moved the courgette and squash plants to the other side putting them under the benches so I have a little more floor space - they should grow there ok still I think. I also planted another lot of salad leaves in the right hand side of the drainpipe you see here. Just loving picking leaves and herbs for salad at lunchtime!

I've started gving the tomatoes some feed this week now there are a few fruit on them.

I found some good soil in the garden to plant this - the pear tree I sent for from Grow Your Own magazine. I knew I'd find a use for one of the gazunders!

 This is, hopefully, how it should eventually look!

I also tried to tie up the cordon tomato plant as it is about three feet tall now. I think I need to pinch it at the top so it doesn't grow anymore.

I really do need to get two more grow bags at the weekend because I need to get the beef tomato plants moved out of the pots. I have seven so will have to find another container for the odd one so I can perhaps use the space I have created for them.

Whilst my bread was on its last prove this morning I had a quick look round at everything when I fetched the eggs, just before we had a shower of rain. 

(My boys have their sports day planned to start at 1pm but I am not hopefull of an outside event going ahead.)

The cucmbers are growing very tall and I need to cut some more bamboo canes, for this if nothing else.

Both the sweetcorn and sugar snap peas are liking being next to each other which is great; the sweetcorn in not quite three feet tall!

The second lot of Dwarf Beans are coming along great guns so will have to think of somewhere to put them, probably the veg patch now we are getting the tyres. Those flippin' leeks need moving sooooo soon!

Here you can see the first lot of beans and they are just starting to flower so I think that is a good thing.

Just before I headed outside the previous owners dropped by with these!!

Two water butts, one has a tap and we have a spare in the shed for the other one. So very pleased about these and Jon may be able to get them set up at the weekend.

I was reading about fruit frees last night and about that thing they call the June drop but no sign at the moment. I have read about having to take out some of the fruit to make for a good harvest, too, but am a little nervous about doing that....

As I said perviously we are planning fruit trees beyond the veg patch but I was reading yesterday, I think, that November is the best time to plant container trees whcih is what we will be buying. If this is right then we will have to wait and my £1, improving Raspberry bush will have to stay in the Poly House for the winter until it can go in the ground. (Any advice most welcome, as usual!)

And finally for today the bread is fresh out of the oven and will no doubt not last too long!

Bye for now.



  1. Is there a hole in the pot you have put the pear tree in if not then you need to get it moved otherwise the roots will rot, dont pinch out the tomato top yet let it reach to the roof if you want plenty of tomatoes, everything is looking great and love the fence.

    1. Ok will do re the prear tree and thanks.

  2. So much loveliness, you keep your green house so neat (I must sort ours out), bread looks tasty, bet it smells good too xx

    1. Thanks. It isn't always that tidy but there's not much to do just now so thought I would give it a treat.

  3. Wow you have had a busy day, your greenhouse is so tidy, you are doing so well with your growing it all looks lush, xx

    1. Thanks Marlene. Just can't WAIT until we start to harvest. Eeek!x

  4. I was going to say the same about your toms - don't pinch out yet, but get longer canes and let them keep growing.
    Also, the cucumbers will need more trellising as they get high. I used to have them over 6 foot. They'll cling to anything so a netting is better to give them space xx

  5. Hi Lou, thanks for leaving me a comment asking me how things are I am sorry for not replying sooner but I have only just checked my emails and seen it. I haven't been in blogland for weeks. I am posting onto Instagram every day and sharing my life there now and really enjoying it its seem to be a lovely community and I seem to have more bloggers on there now than actually in blogland itself. I have been busy around the house and the garden and growing my vegetables being my first full year of growing it been great having the greenhouse and being able to grow everything from seed. My plants are growing great and I have already picked my 1st large lettuces this year and 2 lots of spinach. My hounds are all well and Milo our puppy greyhound is now thriving he will be 18 weeks old on sunday cant believe what that time has gone. Life is good, peaceful and happy for us all. Great to see you have your chickens :-) looks like you are busy growing veg to. I noticed you have dried some herbs that's my plan for next week :-) So lovely to hear from you, thank you for asking if you ever decide to join instagram here is my link https://www.instagram.com/hazelmeredreaming/ I will try and write a post again here some time. Take lots of care dee x

    1. Hi Dee. Lovely to hear from you and great to hear all about your doings!I know just what you mean about growing things from seed. I look at my cucumbers and courgettes etc and think "how did that happen?" I have not joined Instagram as such but I have registered so I can see stuff. I will keep looking at how you are getting on. Take care and be happy being happy, we are!xx


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