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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Glorious Glory Days

How so very lucky we have been with how wonderful our weather has been this last week. The view from my kitchen window most mornings.

The sun is bringing out the best in the strawberries so have added extra straw around them.

In the Poly House the courgettes are in flower and looking good, although a couple of other things are a little cause for concern but I'm sure they will work out.

After Jon's dad was so helpful clearing the garden things are moving on apace regarding outside useable space. There is a lot to do but we want to be able to use the garden as the summer holidays are only six weeks away. Can you believe it - for those who it matters to.

My brother in law had some wood going spare last weekend so, never one to pass up something going free, Jon brought it home and after discussions we decided a seat around one of the trees would be great as they boys could sit and read in the shade. 

 But it is great for a bit of outside eating, too, including our lettuce leaves which are de riguer at every meal right now!

Very yellow sponge cake made with our eggs!

In addition to the tree seat we have always wanted to include an outdoor cooking and eating area in the garden; I have never wanted a conventional b-b-q so we are having a fire pit! I think eating outside is a great way of slowing down the pace of life.

This area is perfect as is near to the back door and the side door of the conservatory for getting back into the house. Jon fetched wood chippings from the saw mill yesterday and the area is lovely and spongy as we put a good few inches on it.

This is the actual pit and as I write this I can hear the chain saw as Jon is re-modelling some logs for seating. (Photos another time.)

We have also moved the slate topped table to the end of the guest room and it is a lovely spot in the shade.I can use if for potting up things, sitting at for a drink or just admiring the view. Ooh talking of the guest room, we went to Craft in Aber yesterday and bought a sink, taps and pedestal for the bathroom for £8. Get in!

Ooh, nearly forgot. When water the Poly House this morning I decided to see if some of the spring onions were ready to come up - and look see!

How exciting is that?! They will be on my lunch plate today, for sure!

One of the chickens caught a mouse the other day and one of them managed to hide when I went to put them to bed last night as I found her wandering around the enclosure when I went to feed them this morning. We have bought a childrens' fishing net so we can scoop some more of the algae off the pond a bit more easily. The love it so much they congregate in the corner when they see me with the net, instead of the sieve I used before.

Well I think that is it for today. We have had a fantastic week for the boys' half term,and are taking one more trip to Skimmer Island this afternoon. Jake has found the heat tricky; if only he would take shade from his house Jon made for him!

Take care.



  1. Love the seat around the tree, your garden is really starting to shape up and well done on starting to harvest :-)

    1. Thanks, Dawn. So exciting to start eating your own grown things.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Greta. We still have to set the stones with cement but Jon has made such lovely log seating so will share when finished. Raining here today. Garden needs it a bit but hope my strawbs don't get swamped - bit nervous about something so delicate being outside.


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