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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Garden Doings For Today

This morning I have got a few good jobs done. The rose bush which climbs up the front of the house and over the door needed a bit of a pruning. This is not one of my strong points but I think it turned out ok.

Then I moved the compost bin. Just hope Jon doesn't think it needs to be moved again! I ended up taking the contents out of it, moving the bin onto some pieces of wood and levelling it with a few stones - we are not short of those in the garden! I put the contents back and in and gave it a bit of a stir, pushed it down and put the carpet back on top. Should be ok and is in a bit of a sunny position at the side of the Poly House as you can see.

My father in law has kindly finished in the garden with the digger. It would have taken Jon a lot longer having to do it between work and probably would have cost a lot more, too. Here are a few more shots of the garden. I don't think you need a before photo to see there is some difference!

This one kind of shows where we are having our outside space. Behind the tree in the middle of the picture you can just see a row of stones. Well that is the edging to the area we are going to cover in bark, build a fire pit and then Jon has some great wood to make into seating for us. To the left of the conservatory we hope to grass that when some more ground work is done.

I am pleased that getting down to the chooks is not such a death trap as it was getting difficult to see what was underneath all of the overgrown grass.

I have posted a picture from this angle before and it is now very different.

All of the bamboo has now been dug up! The root balls are sitting in the far corner of the garden to dry out before being burnt or we may shift it to our field to get it out of the way. Not sure yet.

One last photo from one of the bushes in the garden. Just coming into flower and just lovely but, as usual, not sure what it is!

My magazines arrived today. I have to say, for once, I was excited more by something other than my wonderful Country Living! My first issue of Grow Your Own arrived with free seeds for my store box! I have already entered the competitions, sent for a pear tree for which I just have to pay £5.95 postage and written a letter to the Readers' Letters page about how excited I am to be on my grow your own life change. Yes, officially obsessed!

The boys went out with The Grams at lunchtime to King Arthur's Labrynth at Machynlleth so this is why I have had an hour and more to read my magazines and write this post. They will probably be out for their tea as well so no rush.

We have been reassessing our plans for the summer hols. I think we are really hoping the summer will be a good one and now think we will not go to London. The boys are more than happy to stay here now the garden is a new adventure plus we can go swimming at Skimmer Island with a picnic, we have plans to do a couple of road trips during the first two weeks when Jon is off, we want to go to the beach at Borth and there are so many other things as well. I think we just want to enjoy our first summer here as much as possible. I have been collecting Summer 'bucket lists' of things to do with the boys so will start and look at those soon.

Well, as usual, I could ramble on forever but I really need to do some ironing. The weather here is, yet again, absolutely gorgeous so will get the necessaries done and then head outside again.

Take care.



  1. Everything's coming along so beautifully! I just love your front door and can't wait for a pic with the roses blooming!

    1. Thanks Kathleen. There are some small buds on the top of the bush and hope they will bloom soon.

  2. Wow Lou what a difference!
    Please don't put the bamboo down at the field, they may take root and it's bad enough, they will make it worse. Please just burn them where they are.xx

    1. Its ok Helen. We'll need a bulldozer down there when get stated so that will take care of the bamboo.x


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