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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Bolt Of Lightening!

I am not in the habit of posting twice in one day but just needed to. 

I really have had trouble settling to do anything in the house today, though have managed to change our bed, do some ironing and one load of washing and drying.

There was a break in the weather so I went out to check for eggs - only two by 2.30pm which is not normal; I think it is the weather. I took some bits out for the compost heap and then thought I would give it a go putting the netting on the strawbs whilst we had a dry patch. As I got started I found myself whistling the last song I had heard on the radio and really enjoying myself.

I came to the startling, fab conclusion that I really am happy pottering in the garden or the Poly House and not being able to get outside this morning was the reason I was feeling slightly unsettled.

It was a fantastic feeling I have to say!

Always on the look out for free advice as you know, is anybody growing courgettes who can tell me if it is right that the flowers wither on the 'fruit' and kind of die off whilst the courgette itself it ok? 

Also, how do you manage your strawbs when the weather is wet, the straw gets damp you have put down and I worry about the fruit getting mushy and spoiling, which some of it has?

Bye for now from the contented potter-er! xx


  1. Hi I know what you mean about being stuck in, yes you are right about the courgettes. xx

    1. Thanks for that, Marlene. One of my books says to but them at about 4 inches so may harvest a couple today and see how they taste. I'll report back.x

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  3. I think the baby courgettes are the best and the more you cut, the more they produce, so that can only be a good thing!
    I'm exactly the same about being inside - I feel like a caged animal at the moment and it's making me dangerously ratty! :(

  4. We had the courgettes in a bit of garlic last night, only a taster but very nice. I still worry about the flowers and if i should cur when they fall off in case they start to rot. Trying to leave the next lot until they are a little bigger as at this size it will take forever to make chutney!


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