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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Planting And Seeds - I Love A List!

I have been meaning to to this for a couple of days but we have been so busy. 

I have just about recovered from getting soaked yesterday when Jon and I started to dig through the veg patch. It is in a fab spot for the line of the sun, just like the greenhouse, but that exact area has not been used for anything special. However, there are some triffid-like roots that we are having to dig up plus stones etc. We will definitely need to put some top soil  in it and think it may be worth lining it with polythene or something similar to keep the weeks down. (Doing my usual snide asking for advice, but not!)

Anyhow, that will hopefully be finished by next weekend so still not too late for onions etc.

So what has this novice, but enthusiastic, grow your own-er got planted/started in her greenhouse?
I have trays of carrots, leeks and broccoli, the first one is not showing yet like the others

Dwarf beans but not showing yet - they were put in a little before the above things

I have strawberry seeds in but don't expect those to show any time soon

have transferred my courgettes and cucumbers into the raised bed and have spring onions in there, too. (Not at all sure about how they will get on but I am really in give it a go mood at the moment!)

The boys and I are keeping an eye on their sunflowers which are coming up nicely - we need a couple of containers for when they are ready to go outside in the spot we have picked for them

Beef tomato seeds are coming up well. I have other tomatoes in the grow bag as I have shown a quick picture of before.

One of the pumpkin seeds is doing well but the other has not shown its face yet.

I have sweet pepper seeds in, some were planted later but the first one is showing

The potatoes in the growing bag and just showing and think they will be ready in July-ish

The tub and drainpipe of various salad leaves are looking a bit stronger

I have sweetcorn and aubergines in but nothing from them yet as not been in long

I bought two small berry bushes, Raspberry and Blueberry, and have them in small-ish containers at the moment but know I need to buy a second Blueberry. I cannot put them outside in the ground yet 

(Did have a couple of photos but laptop/mobile playing up.)

So there is a lot going on but not a lot in a way!

Last night was an interesting experience getting the ladies into the coop, but they rewarded me with four eggs when I cleaned them out earlier!

Right, off now.



  1. I wouldnt line any growing areas with polythene the ground needs to drain, cardboard or sheets of newspaper would be better, great job with the eggs plenty of home baking :-)

  2. I am not an expert veg grower so wont offer any advice but that sounds like a lovely lot of veg you have got going!

  3. Thanks for that Greta. Have just been doing a check and a water and my sprayer has bust! Going to have my second coffee and see what I can start off today. Jon is hopefully putting some more shelving up for me today. I was unsure about putting seeds on a lower shelf but have seen others do it I think? X


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