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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ok, So This Weekend...

This weekend we have mostly been rained on, but have managed to get some jobs done.

Saturday morning did not come bright and sunny - quite the opposite, pouring down. I had made a Victoria Sandwich cake on Friday and for the refreshments table at the local plant sale. Luckily it was only in the centre across the road but this still presented difficulties in getting the cake there dry and in one piece. I forgot to take a photo due to the tricky situation but I went for a cover of a big Pyrex basin. I filled the cake with fresh cream and jam and then cream-glued some sliced strawberries on the top. (I received an email from a friend later entitled Delicious which said, and I quote "you really set a new standard today!!) I bought these for the garden..

and managed to leave my raincoat there I discovered this morning!

The boys had a birthday party to go to 4-6pm so I took them and Jon had a bit of us time and had our tea before the boys came home, stuffed and tired.

This morning Jon was getting the caravan resto to the point of almost done and I was putting chicken wire over the strawberry patch and baking bread.

This was in between rain showers, but I also got a couple of the plants from the sale into the bed as well as cleaned out the chickens. We decided to go into Aber and have a spot of lunch, Jon needed new work gloves and I had decided on a new planter so I could pot on the squash plant. 

When we came home I headed straight to the Poly House and I re-housed the squash..

and began re-potting the beef tomatoes as they have started to really come on a bit. Extra to the ones you can see I am taking a few to my sister at the weekend and giving a couple to a friend.

The boys were lounging on the trailer reading but helped fill the watering cans for me as I needed them. 

We discovered a second can in Jon's workshop so I'll have to sort out a rose similar to Ilona's over at Life After Money as we can't find the original one.

Here is a quick look around the Poly House. No time for Pic Monkey so sorry for the trail of photos. The living lettuce I bought then planted,

the sugar snap peas,

the salad leaves

and the sweetcorn.

I was given this book by a friend the other day and it has some lovely photos inside.

I have a shelf in the kitchen behind the door and have been trying to decide what to put up there so thanks to some inspiration from this book I think the shelf is looking lovely.

A couple of close ups.

Right I think I am all up to date. I hope the weather with you wasn't too bad this weekend and that you got jobs done or enjoyed some time with family and friends and, as always, I look forward to hearing about what's to do in blogland.



  1. I love seeing your photos however you present them. Gorgeous xx

    1. Thank you for following our getting-up-to's! Love seeing how you are all coming on, too.x


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