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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Another Busy Weekend In Wales

Another weekend of getting stuff done however on Friday I took delivery of my canning kit - £7.99 with free post. I will use it for jam making etc, anything that needs a water bath.

In the greenhouse that afternoon I planted seeds for sweet pepper and caulis and moved the raspberry bush outside on the suggestion that it was too hot for it. I also started looking at the plan for the veg plot using some companion planting info.

Friday night I headed to Aber to do the food shopping. I left Jon with his latest project; he came home on Wednesday night with a small caravan that had been lurking in the yard at the saw mill. 

After some short negotiations he acquired it and has decided to refurbish it and sell it on. It is the right time of the year so hopefully we should be a winner on this.
Saturday morning it was my turn to let out and feed the chooks. I did this at 6.30am then put some washing up away, opened the curtains, tidied the boys' mess from the night before and then went back to bed!

A little later on Jon took some eggs to our neighbour and our favour was returned with some fresh rhubarb; a crumble has been requested.

The boys were messing around in the garden and Jon was on the caravan project so I put the washing out and then sat in the greenhouse getting the veg patch planning about finished.

We went into Aber for a couple of things and I had ordered this book, on suggestion from my usual source, so I went to pay and collect it. A visit to Charlie's brought us the gadget above it, a jam thermometer, so I am all set for my next round of making. (I think I will have to pounce on the strawbs as soon as they start or Jon and the kids will have had the lot!)

 This morning we were up and at it as I had bread and the requested crumble to make.

So in between more washing and the baking I roasted a chicken for tea, washed the trays and bits from the cooker and fridge in the caravan, the boys power washed the spare wheel and step it came with.

I stopped for my lunch and decided to sit outside. This, amongst other things, is the view from my perch on the step of Jon's workshop - in front, behind, to the left and right of me, plus what I had for my lunch!

After lunch I sorted the boys' uniforms and shoes for tomorrow then we went to the nursery we visited last weekend for a couple of things. The boys really wanted to go to Skimmer Island again so we did but, even though it was sunny, it was no where near as warm as last week.

When we came home I pottered in the greenhouse for an hour, Jon fixed the lock on the caravan and I put more washing out before we stopped for tea.

Now I just have two photos I forgot to share earlier in the week. 

This is the strawberry patch

and this is a living lettuce I bought and I have potted it and it is growing new leaves already.

Finally, The Great British Sewing Bee begins tomorrow so I shall watch it on Tuesday at lunch via the BBC I-Player.

I think that is if for my catch up. Thanks to the new subscribers to my blog via email and I should thank Dawn for her post as this led to the new visitors.

See you soon.xx


  1. Very productive week end, I found my self shampooing the living room carpet first thing saturday morning a task that has been on my list for some time, I love the caravan I am sure Jon will do a great job refurbishing it :-)

    1. We acquired a Rug Doctor and it makes things a lot easier - including the caravan clean up! We have a couple of things we are waiting to be delivered that Jon cannot make or refurbish himself and we maybe have it in the paper by the weekend. Our neighbour says people sometimes look for them to take to sheep trials and shows.

  2. Lou, please share your secret...where in goodness did you get all the energy to do all that little lot!!!! Felt tired just reading about it! Xxx

    1. Maria, if it's on the list it normally gets done and I am just not good at sitting still, plus if I do stop it takes me ages to get going again! Also, we are so keen to get things just as we want that we just go for it. A big part of it I have to say is that I am a planner and Jon is definitely a doer. If I say so myself we make a perfect team and me and the boys are so very lucky to have him. He's the best! (I'll stop gushing now!)x

  3. your life is certainly a very busy and happy one. xx


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