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Spring Life In The Garden.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Visitor.

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Yesterday I was so happy to welcome a visitor, Dawn from Doing It For Ourselves In Wales.

I really enjoyed having her to visit and we really chatted and chatted so I could to ask her lots of questions which will help with our grow your own plan, different things to try with the food when we have grown it and ways to become more self-sufficient where we can.

I showed her around our little 'homestead', got ideas and hints about the chickens, especially how I can clean the algae off the top of the pond and feed it to them plus tips on making the best of the greenhouse by growing at the best times for the best results.

Also she was kind enough to bring me some lovely goodies! There were two different kinds of mint, fennel, sweet potatoes - I know! -  oca, and a very, very special thing - a seed from her lemon tree with a teeny, tiny root on it so I can grow my own lemon tree which I so want.
She also brought some wild garlic and I plan to get that in tomorrow, somewhere that it will be safe when we bring in the digger, along with other things.

Amongst other things Dawn was kind enough to bring me two willow making kits so me and the boys will hopefully have time to start these at the weekend.

Thank you, again, Dawn for your kindness, help and inspiration - after my crazy woman scribbling I have a list as long as my arm of 'stuff. Time to get on with it all.

(Apologies for the lack of photos but having techy issues. Hope to post later.)



  1. Sounds like a lovely visit from Dawn, and some lovely practical gifts too.

    I have algae on my main pond this year - how are you getting rid of yours?

    1. Dawn suggested I scrape it off with a net or something and give it to the chickens!

  2. How great - glad you had such a good day. x

  3. It was lovely to meet with you and see your Homestead you have done such a lot in 7 months, look forward to meeting the rest of the family some day :-)


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