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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Change Is Gonna Come

I know we have only been here seven months but we have done a great deal to the property, even before we started on the garden, and we were so eager to get everything done and have been patient, but in the last couple of weeks much has started to come together and it is very exciting.

The hens have only been with us a few days but the fact that we have to get up to let them out in the mornings and put them away at night means that responsibility has now extended beyond just one animal, Jake. He is happy running around the garden, and being jealous of the chickens, then going for a long walk now and again, but with the chooks we have the jobs of feeding, cleaning and of course egg collecting.

The boys are not quite so spooked now when we have to get near to the ladies and are in general very enthusiastic, though Alfie is still slightly worried he will get pecked! They both love looking for eggs but they have to stop doing it every 10 minutes!

With the greenhouse, the hens and soon the veg patch, it seems the move here is starting to do for us what we hoped which is to change the pace of life and the pattern of our every day lives. 

(However I'm not sure if a slower pace of life includes baking two dozen blueberry muffins and two small cakes by 8.30am!)

We seem to be on the way, though.



  1. Hiya when you get everthing all set up and sorted it will get easier and you can just enjoy pottering around, it will be lovely, you have done so well in a short space of time, don't rush get it all how you like it xx

  2. Before you know it you will be in a routine and it will all be second nature to you :-)


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