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Friday, 8 April 2016

Lovely Lunch.

Today some friends came to have lunch. I hadn't seen them for what must be nearly a year, when we still lived at our other house but they live in Wrexham so a couple of hours away.

I managed to set to baking a chicken, bacon and sweetcorn quiche last night in between watching Line Of Duty - ooh I like that but sorry they killed off Daniel Mays and Will Mellor so early on!

then we had homemade lemon and poppy seed cake with blueberries with a dollop of plain yoghurt for pud. This gave me an excuse to use the apple shaped glass dishes I love.

Of course, I put out the second loaf I made yesterday as I knew the boys, who had sausages, would definitely want a slice. I think I'll definitely need to make two loaves a day!

Going our for a sneaky Chinese tonight. Hope you have a good weekend but I'm sure I'll sneak a look to see what you are getting up to.

Put a Freecycle "wanted" on today for a pressure cooker and got response within an hour!To be honest I thought I could use it for canning but the oracle of all things canned, Dawn over at Doing It For Ourselves In Wales, reliably informs me it is not suitable but as she said to me if ifs free might as well!



  1. glad you got the pressure cooker I still have mine and use it often, enjoy the chinese nothing wrong with a good meal out, Martin is bringing a take away back with him tonight :-)

    1. A little update re the pressure cooker.I decided in the end not to take it. I know it was free but when I realised I could not use it how I had hoped I have a slow cooker, the Rayburn and I felt it may just languish at the back of the cupboard. Should I have a change of heart I have left the notice on Freecycle. Chinese was yummy - enjoy your takeaway.x


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