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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Grow Your Own Magazine Subscription

Good morning.

Quick question. Does anybody take Grow Your Own magazine?

I have found a trial  price of £6 for three issues and wonder if it would be useful to a novice like me?

Thanks, Lou.x


  1. We have a subscription for that magazine and find it really useful. It always comes with free packets of seeds and special offers to is a good way of trailing things free.

    1. Thanks for that. Always useful to get extra seeds I think.

  2. Good idea and they do have free seeds that cover the price of the mag especially as a trial and straight forward advice,, but if you decide after the second mag it might not be for you be sure to cancel the subscription in good time otherwise it may have a tie n clause. Maria xx

  3. Have it at the trial price then cancel, there will be others out there at a trial price to try I dont think they are worth full price and become very repetitive.

  4. Hi Louise please take a look at my blog I have nominated you for an award. x


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