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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Decisions, decisions.

The EU referendum campaign in on as we know.
Also there are the local elections coming up in May. I am not massively politically minded but I did think hard before voting in the last General Election.

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I don't know what to do about the local elections yet as I am not familiar with any of the candidates really. I know the kind of parties I would not vote for but still there is some thinking to be done.

Now back to the EU thing. Am I being naive when I say that in general politics have little impact on my life and that of my family? Jon is a big believer in us looking after ourselves and I mainly agree with him. Decisions made by parliament have some impact on us, of course, but I think we do our best to work in a way for our family that means the impact is as little as possible .

We don't have a pension, we receive tax credits but won't when Jon goes self-employed and we decide on a little business, perhaps, and in general we are trying to deal very little with all the usual stuff like the cost of home heating, food prices etc - much like many of you out there in blogland.

I am not asking for you to declare your political leanings but I'm just interested in the way people think and react to issues like this in daily life.



  1. I have made my choices although I am not really into politics, we are not depending on the government for anything, if we expect nothing and get nothing we wont be disappointed

  2. I am not deeply into politics, I do vote though, I am still undecided about the EU business x

  3. I am an undecided, I just wish I felt we were getting good information from both sides (in and out) as I feel they are all using the politics of fear.


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