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Spring Life In The Garden.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Bamboo Shamboo no.2

In between waiting for the bread to prove and vacuuming downstairs before change beds I thought I'd have a catch up.

I spent some time in the garden on Tuesday and Wednesday cutting down the bamboo bush which was stopping me from seeing the chicken house from the kitchen.

After work on Wednesday Jon decided to cut down the other one close to it plus a big old holly bush which was growing at an angle and I am lucky enough to have two other bushes in the garden so this will not be missed.

Here is a before and after bamboo photo of that side of the garden...

and the holly bush which is no more!

I had a walk around the garden yesterday and spotted a few things. This is the apple tree which we had a little fruit off when we arrived last September and it looks like it is coming along nicely.

This I understand may well be a bush of redcurrants. I would be really chuffed if it were - I love redcurrant jelly - we will not have to lose it when we put the fencing up for the chickens as it is far enough away to not have the space it takes up in their enclosure. Yay!

I started some weeding in the bed which is behind Jake's house. I uncovered this primrose near by but this will unfortunately be eaten up by the chooks enclosure. I hope some others will be saved.

Whilst the bread has been proving I also wiped down all the kitchen paintwork, so needed doing, and as I wiped the side table I found this hidden under the lip of the fruit bowl. Shows how long it is since I moved it!

Ok, I had better go as they bread has nearly finished the second prove, the vacuuming is done so I am heading for the beds.

I have, since the first lot of seeds, planted some sweet pepper seeds plus potatoes in a bag outside. I can't plant any more spuds just now but plan on getting some in ready to come up for Autumn.

See you later.



  1. How lovely to have all that outside the door, you have a beautiful spot x

  2. Thank you. We count our lucky stars we found Bronllan when we did. This evening, just as the sun is going down, we are looking out at the garden and feeling it is all coming together.x


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