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Spring Life In The Garden.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Stationery Swap. What's Not To Like?!

Super Stationery Swap

I am lucky enough to be taking part in a Stationery Swap which is being hosted by the lovely Tracey from Mad About Bags.

As most people know I love stationery which includes pens, stickers, notebooks - oh notebooks! and anything else related so I was chuffed to bits when I was paired up WITH the lovely Tracey.

We are tasked to send to our pairing a bunch of lovely stuff and I hope to get my parcel in the post today. 

I have the car today because of fetching the boys from Urdd club after school so it is my day for errands, too. I hope to be able to find a couple of Fairtrade items at the shop because part of their homework is about the idea behind Fairtrade. They have really enjoyed looking at little videos on the internet explaining about the concept and Alfie and I had fun creating an explanation for the word empowerment! We were getting help from a website called The School Run. It seems to be really useful for all ages but all I have to do now is find a Welsh equivalent, sure to be one!

It seems I am on the mend but wasn't quite so when we popped into Aber on Saturday alfternoon. However, I managed to drag myself into Craft of course and came out with these two fabulous faux French linen cushion covers. As I have a mass of cushion pads I quickly had them installed on the benches in the kitchen. LOVE them!

Ok, that is about it from me apart from....

                                               Jon has the stone walling finished!

Boys break up for Easter on Thursday as does Jon so over the 4-day weekend we have friends visiting one day but we hope to do a decent amount of work in the garden so look forward to showing you more before and after's!



  1. I love that this is such a short week! :O) x

  2. The cushions look great - rustic elegance! I'm looking forward to seeing the wall too. My brother loves dry stone walling, so if I need any doing, he'll no doubt leap at the chance! I'll probably be relegated to stone choosing... :)

    1. Thanks, I couldn't resist them at 50p each! I have previously posted some pictures of the wall if you have a little scroll back.x


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