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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring Showers, But Easter Is In The Air

It has been raining on and off since about 10 o'clock this morning but this post is cheering me up. Can't complain really as we haven't had rain for a good week I think.

As you may have realised I will decorate around the house for the opening of an envelope, therefore I wanted to share some of my Spring/Easter decorations and thought the best way to do it was with Pic Monkey or you end up with a ream of photos; I've used Pic Monkey before so I didn't find it too tricky.

Here you are then. The decoration on the left, the card and tags are things I have made. I always like to decorate something utilitarian like the microwave so I have put out another of my Pretty Nostalgic magazines and some felt covered eggs to brighten up this corner.

I went to do food shopping this morning and even though I have a mass of daffs in the garden I couldn't resist these tulips! The hanging bunny tag is based on an idea I saw in my Country Living magazine and the hessian banner I made a couple of years ago.

Spoke a bit too soon there as messed up one of my collages so will try and add that tomorrow. Duh!

I bought a couple of golden, shiny bunnies with additional hollow eggs for the boys this morning but not putting those out until tomorrow when they have gone to bed. No egg hunt this year as they have definitely decided the Easter Bunny is not real!

Must dash as need to give the boys a snack when they get home before taking them to the school Easter disco then I'll be fetching Jon from work because of having the car.

Take care, Lou.xx


  1. Thanks for mentioning the pic monkey I have added it to my bookmarks, I haven't done any decorations yet, not sure if I have time now, yours look lovely x

    1. Hope you use it without too much trouble, should do. Thanks about the decs, love love love decorating!

    2. All the Easter decorations are looking lovely.

      I had a go at pic monkey the other day but I couldn't get it to do what I was trying to do - but them I am no friend on technology!

    3. Thanks, as I said I love decorating. Stick with the Pic Monkey - it adds a different look to your blog, which mine certainly needs at times!x


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