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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pretty Much Back To Fighting Fit!

Well, I think the jobs and stuff I managed to get done yesterday show I really am getting back to my usual self after this sticking flu.
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After a good night's sleep without too much coughing Jon and the boys were off to work and school and I had my breakfast. 

I called the dentist on the off chance they had a cancellation, and they did! I had something wrong, not a tooth ache but something was not quite right. I managed to get the appointment for 12 o'clock then to had to call Jon to see if he could pop back with the car, then me take him back to work so I could use the vehicle to get to the dentist later!  The joys of rural life, one car and 13 miles to the dentist. (Wouldn't have it any other way!)

So I ironed until it was time to go to the dentist and now the end of the kitchen bench is cleared and I have more than one pair of trousers to wear!

The dentist trip turned out to be due to my wisdom tooth possibly coming through - honestly at my age?! I had a little inflamation so I was given a numbing treatment to help with the ever so slight soreness and then he put what looked like straw in  a little pocket than had been created around my tooth. Wych a fi! No vitals for a couple of hours but felt better quite quickly.

Whist in Aber I popped to Morrisons for a couple of Fairtrade items for the boys' homework. Was chuffed that I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg on Green and Black's chocolate for a packaging example, Dairy Milk bars and banana stickers did the trick.

Back at home, because no food in the offing for a bit, I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed everywhere upstairs and put away the ironing. Next I had decided to try my hand at Hot Cross Buns ready for maybe making more at Easter, mmm, more about the feedback later.

 I also made the good, cake tin standby of cherry oat bake.

Tea was baked potatoes with various fillings, feta salad and sweetcorn fitters, nom nom

so I had the spuds on low and slow in the Rayburn and used the heat for the baking, too. 

After tea my Hot Cross Buns were shunned, yes shunned, because we had some lovely ones from a local bakery bought from Bont shop the other day and frankly my men were spoilt! I have had one warmed on the Rayburn this morning and it was lovely. I have to point out that because it is an express recipe they do not come out or keep like dough which has been left to rise and rise - but tasty all the same, I think. 

I also did a bit of make do and mend. I purchased some dish cloths a couple of weeks ago and found after one use they shrank and were a bit thin so decided sewing two together would do the trick to make them a bit more useful. Job done.

Well, I'm going to check out what blog land has been up to and then make use of my new found energy. Lasagne for tea and I might JUST manage another Hot Cross Bun with my next cup of coffee, shame to waste them!


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  1. They look like very nice buns! Glad to tooth-hurty thing wasn't too bad. x


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