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Monday, 14 March 2016

Not The Best Of Weekends, But At Least The Sun Shone!

We had been looking forward to Jon's cousin and her chap visiting this past weekend. On Friday about lunch time I began with a headache. (I should say at this point that Alfie was off school on both Wednesday and Thursday with a cough and not feeling well in general.)

I improved enough for us to go to Aber to do the food shopping when they boys were home from school, but on our return I could hardly get out of the car. I didn't get any better and woke up Saturday morning feeling like death. I rallied by the time our guests arrived and we popped to Aber and Sophie's  which will be our new cafe now instead of going to Costa or Starbucks. It has mis-matched furniture and serves a wonderful hot chocolate and toasted tea cakes which I found very restorative at the time, plus they have a loyalty scheme where you buy six drinks and your next one is free. I have meant to go into Sophie's for ages because it is on the opposite corner to Charlie's where we go a lot. I feel much better about having decided to support a local business instead of a low tax-paying American corporation. (Here endeth the lesson.)I had a sleep when I came home but was not feeling like going out to eat with the others later so stayed home.

In the morning I was again unwell so stayed home whilst the others went to Llanafan with Jake for a paddle in the river; they had great fun. 

Floodplain of the River Ystwyth near Llanafan

Again I felt a bit better and we decided we'd go to Aber as it was a gloriously sunny day and so warm at 21 degrees! We had a lovely walk along the sea front and I sat down whilst the other went up the hill on the cable car. I sat looking at the sea with the sun shining down on it from around 3 - 3.40pm which was calm and gently lapping on the pebbles; it was beautiful sight.

This morning I got the kids off to school and then went back to bed for a couple of hours. I feel a bit better now and have this morning enjoyed looking at the wonderful things all of you in blog land have been doing this past weekend. I don't have the energy to comment on everything individually but Sadie I love your gold bunny, The Croods are doing amazingly as a family with their smallholding, Dawn, I saw gorgeous Alpacas on Country File last night - about Aber which was very exciting - and hope you are feeling better after the dentist trip! Well done on your mammoth reading session, Sue.

Well, that is about all from me. I hope my next post will be a little more cherry.



  1. Hi Louise,hope you're feeling better soon.Ann

    1. Thank you Ann. I'm not good when I'm ill as I love to be busy. X

  2. There are so many bugs doing the rounds at the moment what a bummer to be unwell when your visitors came, we watched countryfile last night they were lovey Alpacas not as big as mine I am fine again now just have to eat soft foods for a while until it heals :-)

  3. Hope you feel back on top form soon. x


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