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Spring Life In The Garden.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud....

well not really but I am on the mend and this post does involve daffodils!

I took a few photos of the garden yesterday now things are starting to sprout Spring-like!

This is my crescent-shaped daff patch, taken from two angles, 

along with the lovely bunches of Snowdrops which have also appeared.

There are signs of life on the willow tree which stands over the daff patch, too.

I think I have explained in the past that the first time we saw the house was at the start of May. Therefore, everything which is sprouting and coming into life we are seeing now for the first time so it is very exciting! I have a trot around the garden every other day or so - not been doing whilst feeling unwell - just to see what it coming up.

This weekend when all four of us are, hopefully, back to fighting fit health we are heading into the garden. Jon has some stone walling to finish with the boys and we are going to take down some more of the bamboo bushes. Jon has arranged with work to borrow their wood chipper which is fantastic. This means we can get rid of garden cuttings much more easily and hopefully use them when we start to level out the ground. We are not chipping weeds so we shouldn't be putting anything back into the ground that would do any harm. (Obviously any advice or experience regarding the mass clearing back of land would always be welcome.)  

The weather here is not as blue-skied and sunny as the last couple of days but all is dry and quite pleasant.

Once again, thank you for kind words from everyone over the sicky child thing but pleased I am very much on the mend. Hate being lazy and unable to do stuff!!


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  1. glad to hear you are on the mend it would be a shame to miss all the lovely weather suck indoors fighting bugs, your daffs are looking lovely ours are still putting on a good show :-)


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