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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bargains and Berries and Bumps.

Last weekend when we popped to Aber I bought these two small curtains for sewing from Craft at the knock down price of £1. Not sure what I will use them for, they are currently sitting in my stash suitcase but I just loved the pattern.

Yesterday I went to Machynlleth with a friend and had a look round some of the junk type shops although that is not a proper description, more like shops stocked with house clearance items. I went into a couple which seemed a bit over priced but found one that had good prices and I bought this fab box for just £3! I LOVE a good wooden box!

It needed a bit of a scrub and the old soda crystals didn't let me down plus a bit of elbow grease. Great as a paper holder... 

talking of which there was a small shop selling craft items, lovely glass wear and just nice home stuff. In the craft section I found the hand made paper sitting in the box and also bought a small ink stamp.

I wasn't sure of the colour when I got it out today but in the end I was quite happy to edge this Spring card when I finally got round to some papercrafting; I've made it for a friend who I haven't seen for a few weeks and is coming for coffee in the morning.

In the late afternoon I went into the garden to see what is coming into flower. I took a few photos of our Wonky Willow as I call it, really should be Twisted Willow! 

We have a lovely bush of flowering blackcurrant and there is a huge one of them on the opposite side of the road outside my kitchen window and I love seeing that, too.

The pond I am a little embarrassed about as it obviously needs cleaning.  We have lots of frogs spawn in it so I think the air is getting to it; we should be ok until we get round to sorting it out.

I love the log that crosses over it as I think lots of insects and things must love being in and under that. I still love the idea of stealing the bug hotel idea from Dee at Dee's Vegetable Patch Diary to make with my boys. Must start looking around the garden and sheds for stuff; I'm sure there will be something of use!

The dog was outside with me and when I went to kick a ball for him he got so excited that he knocked me flying to the ground off my standing leg and I landed in some dog pooh. To say I was not happy just about covers it!


  1. The fabric was an absolute bargain, you have to grab the bargains when you see them don't you, it will come for something, it is very pretty xx

  2. Oh Ugh falling in dog pooh, dont think anyone would be happy about that, I fancy doing a bug hotel as well, love your twisted willow and pond :-)

  3. I love that box! And the paper is a great find, too. I have a very small twisted willow in a pot that my in-laws bought me last year as I adore them - yours is fab! x

  4. Lovely fabric and that box is great x


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