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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Banana Muffin Recipe and Replacement Crockery

Ok, I promised to share a couple of things. Firstly here is the recipe I use when I am baking banana muffins. I have been known to make it as a tray bake but it is just a fab recipe and my boys love these with yoghurt at breakfast - makes a change.

I saw that Marlene over at Simple Living had been buying some lovely trinkets from the charity shop and I said I was gradually replacing my newer crockery and here are some photos.

In this first photo the three brown bowls were £1.99, £2.99 and £3.99 as the sizes go up. The green turine not sure how much, the next large oval plate was £6, the enamel plates which I love were between £1 and £2 and the two green dishes were 50p and a couple of quid I think.

Then here you have some lovely glass dishes which were £5

and this is where I keep most of my crockery, underneath the island.

I'd love to see any other crockery collections.


  1. I always have bananas that need using up that recipe looks like it might come n handy, loved the others Lou, thank you xxx as for China and glass and charity shops my addiction has returned with a vengeance !!! I am adding bits to IG when I get the chance as don't want to bore on my blog ...IG is DottyandMaria ! Not much on it at the mo, but hope to load some more soon. Hope you and your boys are having a great first Easter in your new home.xxxmaria

  2. Hi Maria. I'm afraid I don't have an Instagram Account.
    Never mind, more than happy to see what you post.x

  3. Thankyou for showing your crockery, I love them all, a good mix, love the three dishes in the first picture, the two green dishes look like Carltonware? Lovely little glass dishes perfect for fruit salad, I also really love the enamel, I have two different size dishes but I am on the look out for some enamel pie plates. xxx

    1. You are right about the Carltonware I am pretty sure. The not so narrow one was 50p at a boot fayre near Blackpool, couldn't believe my luck - he was going to charge me a£1 to start with! I love the enamel ones as you can use them for great pies straight to the table.x


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