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Spring Life In The Garden.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Bamboo Shamboo!

Today, due to the weather people being seemingly correct, the whole family has been out in the sunshine and made the best of a glorious day . Progress is ongoing with the garden by getting rid of some of the bamboo at the bottom of the garden. Apologies but this will involve some before and after photos to try and show the effort and difference we are slowly making. The boys managed to help longer than I thought they would!

This is the before with the one bush to the right shown here...

and a shown here closest to the guest room.

These are shots of how the area looks now using said guest room as a point of reference. If you click on the picture above you should see how big the bamboo bush near to the concrete base was before it was worked on.

Then the view up towards the guest room is this..

taken from the far left bottom of the garden as you stand in front of this pile for burning. This pile includes the cuttings from two smaller bushes and we may actually borrow the wood chipper from where Jon works instead of burning it all as it will be much quicker. 

All in all I hope you get the idea, and we have around another six bushes to take down.

Whilst sitting having a snack of coke and a hot cross bun, obviously not my home made ones, we saw three Red Kites really close, but this is the only photo I could get.

We are lucky that we get to see Tornedo planes and Red Kites fly over the garden!



  1. You're making excellent progress on the garden - looking great :) I'm longing to have a new garden to get my teeth into!

  2. Thank you. We were amazed at how much difference a morning of work could make, and the Red Kites were just a lovely bonus.

  3. Wow its looking brilliant we had Bamboo like bushes we had to chop down to which revealed 3 log sheds to us. Its amazing what a difference to a space looks when you chop and pull things out. Your view is gorgeous over the fields and I love the look of your guest room would love to see inside it, is a self contained room? it looks beautiful. I am so pleased you will be getting some chickens to my girls are nearly all covered in feathers now there transformation has been amazing and so rewarding. I am really excited for you :-) It looks like we are in similar places with our lives at present. For some reason I wasn't following you, but I am now and I look forward to seeing your journey, dee x

    1. Thank you so much for all of that Dee.x We can't wait to get the roots up and level out the land. We may have to put some grass seed down in parts so not looking forward to that. The guest room used to be the work/craft room of the previous owner so it had electricity and a small heater. We have started work on it and Jon has re-plastered it and created a bathroom with lighting. We recently found a brand new modern toilet on Freecycle but have to wait for funds for the next stage - you know how it is, we do projects and jobs that cost little of no money first! We hope to get a greenhouse up and running soon, too. Thanks for following me, I love seeing what you are getting up to.x


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