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Friday, 26 February 2016

Do You Watch Or Catch Up?

I was listening to a discussion on the radio this morning about how people access their TV nowadays.The chat basically seemed to say that people do not sit down with the TV guide and see what is there to watch on a certain night. We do!

We have Freeview TV so have lots of channels but we don't have Netflicks or Amazon Prime and we rarely use the BBC I-Player - I have watched Midwife on it once this year. We do tend to stick with programmes that are in a series, on the night they are broadcast, and make use of the + channels if we should watch something that clashes. 

Since we moved to Bronllan we have the TV in a separate room and we just adore spending time in the sitting room where the fire is and just talking or reading; once in there we sometimes can't even be bothered to move. Children will be children and the boys do sit and watch something on their own but they do like the non-TV room, too.

I have previously commented on the way things are now so immediate and always available in life. I cancelled my Twitter account because it removes the anticipation of news sometimes, which is why I love receiving letters, but I do like Google, even though it is seemingly taking over the world, for certain kinds of information searching.

One of our aims when we relocated to Wales was to slow down the pace of our life and we are not doing too bad but we have some ways to go but it is our aim.

What are your viewing habits based around?



  1. Like you I tend to watch something when it is on rather than on any kind of catch-up (unless we have been away). I like the ceremony of reading through the Radio Times each week and thinking 'oh, I want to watch that' and then making the time for it. This would be evening viewing rather than daytime. I don't watch soaps or anything that is on week in week out but will commit myself to short series like Shetland, Call the Midwife, Happy Valley etc.

  2. Hi louise, thanks for signing up to the stationery swap over on my blog.
    As for TV I'd say our viewing habits are a bit of a mix really but have changed more since we signed up to netflix. Our eldest watches that more than TV and will do more so when she goes off to uni I think. The rest of us tend to watch more general TV but I do like to something I've missed on catch up and I can see how easy it is to watch a series on netflix all in one go!!!

  3. glad you are back! :O)

    I use the Iplayer quite a bit, but far more than that, I watch stuff on Youtube. Old stuff that you can't find on any iplayers, like 'That's my boy' and 'are you being served'. Also documentaries about the Royal family over the years. I love You tube. I love iplayer! :o) x

  4. I'd watch an hour or two of tv a week if that. Did watch Downtown/Call the Midwife, but even with that think I am behind! The one show I watched every week was an Australian one called "House Husbands". And I never catch up. We have no cable tv nor Netflix or anything. Teens watch stuff on their laptops.


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