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Monday, 25 January 2016

Totally Terrific TV

Now I should point out that I do NOT do costume dramas. Since the television version of Pride and Prejudice I have not watched any that I can think of. However, War and Peace is stupendous!

I can't remember the last time my heart was nearly jumping out of my chest at the excitement of something I saw on TV. Last night, whilst attending a party, the super fickle Natasha was being chased around what appeared to be the cloak room by the dastardly Anatole. Natasha was invited there by Helene, his sister, who along with her brother make a pair of very mischevious devils, to put it mildly!

I was begging her not to let him kiss her but ho hum!  Following Sonya's intervention in the elopement debacle, she was deemed ruined by her mother and then comforted by Pierre. I am by no means a War N Peace expert but I would think if Andrei, too, thinks she is ruined Pierre may marry her. I think he has always loved her and at the drop of a hat would solve the financial problems of the Rostov family who are dear friends.

Phew. Cannot wait until next Sunday!

Should also say that I am LOVING Call The Midwife which I watched on sneaky catch up this morning - I NEVER watch TV during the day but just couldn't resist. I think Nurse Crane is just ace, totally up front and uncompromising!

What TV is everybody else enjoying?


  1. I am totally in agreement with you about Call the Midwife - utterly brilliant. But W&P isn't working for me, I feel they are racing through it far too quickly but then it is being done in 6 episodes so I suppose they have to. Visually wonderful though.

  2. Sorry to say I don't watch either. W&P looks like it could be good, but I just haven't been enticed. I used to watch CTM, but stopped a while back. Not sure why, I just lost interest but I used to love it.
    Actually, no telly is gripping me right now. I'm desperately waiting for The Great British Sewing Bee to come back, and I'm pretty disappointed that The Big Allotment Challenge isn't on this year. I'm a big fan of The Apprentice too, when it's on. Can't stand things like Big Brother or CBB, too dire for words.

    I've been watching The Victorian Bakers on the IPlayer this week, no idea how I missed that when it was on telly, but I'm so glad to have watched it. Right now, I'm watching a BBC documentary about Buckingham Palace on You Tube!

    And that's where I'm going back to now, just wanted to stop by and say Hello! :O) xx

  3. It's Sunday and I can't wait for the next episode of War and Peace too... Not into the midwives but know lots love it too. Oh for just one day to wear one of those beautiful ball gowns or even a horse ride in one of those cloaks...... Happy days.., stay dry and don't get blown away hee hee xx


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