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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Persistence has paid off - in cash!

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Re my dispute with Argos, well thanks to a lovely lady called Lynette Adams I am sorted.

I thought I would give them one more call this morning before my visit tomorrow which, for all my front, I was not looking forward to.

I simply said to the first human I spoke to that I wanted to follow up a letter of complaint and didn't know who to ring. I was IMMEDIATELY put through to the director's office and spoke to said lovely lady.

I explained everything and she agreed that, despite the 30 day money back guarantee having run out, two months was not a reasonable time for the vacuum to have become unfit for purpose and that I, the customer, was right.  We came to an agreement that I did not want a replacement and would like to be refunded. She asked for a copy of the email I originally sent plus my reciept details saying she would contact the store and get back to me later today.

After having sent her the email I had second thoughts about asking for vouchers and said I would prefer a cash refund.

I received an email about two hours after my call to say the store would be expecting me tomorrow and that a refund of how we paid, by card, would not be a problem but to let her know if there was an issue.


The image at the top of my post is something Martin Lewis advocates on his Money Saving Expert website so I have him to thank for helping me in my quest.

Chuffed to bits and it goes to show it really does pay to stand your ground. 


  1. good for you. Persistence is the key. And, quite honestly, it would have been shameful had they not given you a refund. Who buys any sort of hoover and doesn't expect it to last longer than two months?! x

    1. We went to the shop today and got our refund. Still not an apology from the manager to say sorry for any inconvenience. When I presented Jon's card for the refund he told us it was the wrong one. He checked and he had made a mistake. We will NOT be shopping there again.


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