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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Miscellaneous mumblings.

This is one of those posts made up a few things, a bunch of nothings really.

What do you have on your fridge? With kids I seem to always have something stuck to it, but things for myself, too.

Here is the front of the fridge.

You might need to enlarge the photos to ready everything. The small card attached to the Home Means You piece says:

It's nice to have a holiday
And nice to have nothing to do
But it's lovely to sometimes sit
And think of home and you.

And if you can't read the Home Means You one it says:

I'm feeling fine and working hard
But always have in view
The goal of getting home again
And that means YOU.

I don't go out to work but I just love the sentiment; we are such home birds in our house!

This is the side of the fridge.

Home meal plan for the week, recycling info whilst I ATTEMPT to educate my husband, and the menu plan for school so I try and not duplicate lunch and tea!

I have not done much papercrafting since we moved but her are a couple of things.

This one I made a few years ago and I hang it in my kitchen all through January.

and this one is for a friend's birthday this week. The January 'banner' comes from an old copy of A Diary Of An Edwardian Lady which I use for crafting.

Right, that has got a few odds and end done. 

See you later.x


  1. I have tried twice to get email subscriptions again. I get the feedburner message and then no notification message to complete in emails. My fridge is covered with meal plans, recipe ideas, magnets shopping lists etc. It is my idiot board.

    1. Sorry you are having difficulties Pam as Dawn was and has sorted hers out. Sorry for not being too techinically minded. Maybe it will sort itself out in a while? As for the fridge, everybody needs some sort of a place for all that stuff.

  2. Just as a fridge should be! I have inherited a under the counter fridge so have to use a notice board instead now! But I love putting bits and bobs and "real life" snippets here and there....I need to catch up on your new blog I have started and am loving it...way to go Louise.xxx

    1. Thanks Maria, so glad you are enjoying it. I'm struggling at times between just being so keen to share how I feel about the house and everything and not seeming to be showing off. I'm not that kind of person, really, but just very chatty and not ever wanting to be the centre of attention but I have to hold my mouth sometimes because it can run away with me. Hope SOME of that makes sense.x


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