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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year!


Yes felicitations for the new year, if a little bit late! Sorry.

I hope you had fun, we had a very quiet Eve day time but thoroughly enjoyed Jools Holland's Hooternanny which we watch every year. It was just wonderful with Tom Jones, Paul Weller (long time fan), Jess Glynn, who on some days I will take over Adele as she reminds me of 1990's dance music, plus a singer called Rhiannon Giddens, check HER out!

My niece has left us today after her stay and unfortunately her first train home was cancelled so she has a coach ride ahead of her. Luckily we popped into The Works today and she picked up a number of books that were on sale so she will have something to occupy her for the extended journey. I purchased a new notebook to be this year's Journal of Gratitude.

I have been taking down a few decorations but none of the major ones; I will start and tackle those on Monday. I think bringing in one storage box at a time from the shed and packing accordingly will be a lot easier than taking it all apart and then attmpeing to find the right box!

Due to the unfortunate incident with my financial scam we were eager to put the laptop back to factory settings ensuring everything was wiped. At the same time as this we put the photos from it onto a disk - or so we thought. At the moment it doesn't seem to have worked so we do not have the pictures of the house before the work was finished. We are going to have another try at retrieving them from my mobile phone....

I really have to make more of an effort at taking my phone places. We had that lovely walk on the beach on Boxing day and yesterday when we took my niece down to the field I could have taken some great photos, too!

I don't make resolutions; I think you set yourself up for failure and disappointment in yourself as soon as you have a minor slip.I prefer to set myself what I consider to be achieveable goals and IF you should have to slightly move the goal posts to reach your goal that's ok!

I love the beginning of a new year; such promise, possibilities and positivity.

I really look forward to seeing what we all get up to in the next few months.

With New Year Love, Louise. xx


  1. It is a good time of year. I miss Violet when she's back at school, but then when I come back home to an empty house and can get on with all that I need to do, then I'm delighted that things are back to normal! Sounds mean, but isn't meant to.

    Happy New Year to you! I hope you can get your photos back. I know how that feels. I had years worth of pics on my pc, but it's going totally nutty and has either deleted them or forgotten how to show me where they are! Either way, I'm not longer on friendly terms with the stupid thing!

    :O) xx

  2. Sadie I don't think you are mean at all. It took me a while to not feel really guilty about having some me time once the necessary jobs are done. Re the photos, yes we many have lost the before photos but we have the after so I guess it really doesn't matter a great deal. The other missing photos were only some I took around our old house in Christmas 2014 and there were a few I was keeping when we had been to Aber when we first moved here. To be honest, now the house is properly ours after all the cafuffle(?)I kind of don't think of us having properly being here until December 21 when it was all sorted, does that make sense? so here is now and that is all that matters.xx


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