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Friday, 8 January 2016

Could I ask for your opinion on Argos?


Would you think that when a vacuum cleaner is not fit for purpose less than two months after purchase a store should quibble about it being returned and a refund or replacement provided?

I am having a bit of a thing with Argos. We bought a new vacuum in October and in December the upright tube part did not fit into its housing properly and the part you wind the flex around had broken. It also lost suction. I didn't have my receipt but got the transaction details from customer service at a later date.

On taking it back to the shop in Aber we had our bank statement, no receipt details at that point, I had looked at Martin Lewis about our rights and I went armed with information. The staff could not find the item we had bought and paid for in the catalogue or a catalogue number on their system. I feel we were given a substitute item and it was briefly mentioned that it could be a replacement item therefore that would be mis selling. The manager told Jon that the statement didn't necessarily mean we had bought that item, suggested we try and mend it ourselves and that he would have not complained if he had a vacuum which gave up the ghost after two months! When you buy an item the contract is with the shop not the manufacturer.

I have called, hhhh!, written and emailed. I emailed again today and it has not bounced back, which previous ones have done so I live in hope. 

Jon is loathe to return to the shop as the manager was so rude to him, but as we have the transaction details I was advised to try again with them. The shop said they could not trace any transaction but I was told on the phone that they can!

I'm not letting this one go. We have spent a lot of money with them since the boys were small but this has really put me off, especially when I see on forums etc. how badly other customers have been treated re their complaints. 

Anybody with similar experiences with Argos?


  1. I hope you get a replacement, I dont know why but your blog has dropped off list I assume its something to do with blogger and google having a sort out. I will put you back now. :-)

  2. I haven't, but I wouldn't let it go at all.
    I'd contact head office, and I'd tweet head office via Twitter, because in my experience, as soon as you blab on social media they sit up and take notice. 8 weeks is NOT long enough for a hoover of any kind to last. If the manager was rude, I'd get his name, and get that over to head office too. Stay calm, but be persistent.

    :O) x

  3. To be honest we don't want a replacement - it is a pants cleaner. Thanks for putting me back on your list. Oh! Jon came home from work today and he got a tax rebate. This means a beter shopping week, new school shoes for Harry and a battery for the car, and a bit put in the bank for savings. Just really needed a little help just now and there it is. Wow!


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