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Spring Life In The Garden.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Welcome To Our New Beginnings.

Oh my goodness, Mrs H has a new home!

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, I am able to write my first post whilst feeling we are here in our own house!

Thankfully all the pain, frustration and anxiety is over -  and now we are able to begin making it our own home!

I am so looking forward to sharing our new home and new life with some new online friends I have recently made, as well as some old ones. I have been around the house and taken lots of before photographs so I can look back and see how things have changed in the past months.

We have lots of exciting plans which means sometimes I can hardly breath when I think of what we will do first or how fun it will be when we have the chickens and can really see what we can do with the garden etc. 

One last thing. Here is a post I would like to share with you. I wrote it on January 16th 2014 and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside to think about the things I wrote, where we are now and where we are going along this journey with our boys. 

(Apologies about the banner photo but a tad excited to change it just now! xx)

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  1. Hello there Louise, it's fabulous that you have a new blog as we're all facinated in your new adventure. Good Luck & we look forward to reading xx sam


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