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Thursday, 24 December 2015

1 sleep to go 'till the Big Ho Ho!

Ok I think this will be my last post before Christmas Day.  I am just catching up whilst finishing the cranberry sauce and baking the stuffing cake which is in the oven and should be done in time for a photo.

We have bingo and Elf scheduled for this afternoon following a simple lunch of baked potatoes before it all gets a bit over the top.

I always want to do last minute decorations so have switched things around a bit in the kitchen on the dresser, oh my cake is decorated. Didn't have any icing and didn't want to buy the only big pack I could find so improvised as you see!

Oh and I'm really quite chuffed with my new hadnmade sign for the front door. Passing motorists must have thought me quite strange taking photos of my front door!

And here is the suffing cake, nom nom!

Once again, best festive wishes to everybody for a wonderful day tomorrow with family and friends.


  1. ooh, stuffing cake, yes please!

    Love your Joy sign. My neighbours must always think me a bit odd, I'm forever outside taking pics, especially at this time of year when I want to keep a record!

    Your festive food and decorations look gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas! x

    1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Sadie. I have so enjoyed "chatting" to you over the last few months and hope we continue to do so in the coming months as I look forward to sharing new things with you.x


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